Woodstock revisited.

23 thoughts on “Woodstock revisited.”

    1. I viewed on my phone and got the full effect.

      Wow!!!! I loooove it!!! Crazy, crazy, crazy but I love it.

      I’m totally digging the picture of the woman who could be from 2019. Shows you how much fashion revolves.

      Thanks for sharing this article. Loved the pix. What a great time it was to be alive.

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  1. More hot naked female people would’ve been nice; but, knowing the internet, after I post this comment, Amazon will try to sell me hot naked women somehow…

    The lineup, in my opinion, was legendary: With Santana, The Who and Jimi Hendrix, you had the three greatest guitarists of all time in one place. And, Joe Cocker was AMAZING!

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  2. The thing I like about Woodstock was the frizzy hair. As a woman with naturally curly hair, I feel like I missed my era. I’d have made a fine hippie, from the frizzy hair point of view.

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  3. Nick was 14 in 1969 and his mom wouldn’t let him go. He stewed about that for 40 years. LOL….he was hoping to go to the 50th. Well….we know how that turned out. And no, I’m not going in his place. I saw Miley Cyrus on the playbill and shuddered….And I know almost none of the others…….

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  4. When I think of my Top 10 “regrets” in life ~> missing Woodstock will NOT make the list.

    Since naked bods appeals to you, maybe you should plan a weekend stay at a nudist camp . . . or hang out on a nude beach. Bring the perfect soundtrack. 😛


  5. The Original Woodstock was definitely the best, hands down, no questions asked. Now, as you said things turn bad fast (your reference to Frye Fest). People went to Woodstock back then to feel the music, experience the vibe and each other, and your right Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat ruin everything because people are to “Kardashian” doing the pucker face while standing in front of a venue for full effect. The other reason was the original Woodstock is and will always be the best is because it was in 1969, the Summer of peace, love and music. And because that’s the year I was born so of course it’s the bomb! lol

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