Where’s the fish?


We love trying new restaurants and supporting small local businesses, so when Urban Element opened?

We were all in.




Do you love me?

Am I supposed to love you?

I just walked in…

Stop trying so hard.




The new trend in restaurant decor in Maine seems to be minimalist rustic. While I’m fine with barn boards and a lack of clutter….




The chairs that are popping up everywhere seriously make me want to scream.

They’re metal, with small seats and side bars that painfully pin you in place. Definitely not for the amply hipped who walk amongst us.

If the plan is to get you in and out quickly?

These rustic torture devices do the trick.




It was Sunday afternoon at 2:00. And a couple of Happy Time Fizz cocktails made me quite happy indeed….

But here’s another trend that continues to tick me off.





I understand, it’s the weekend. You don’t get up early, and you want to eat breakfast late. Fine.

But it’s 2:00pm people! If you just recently rolled out of bed? You’re a teenage stoner sleeping one off and can’t afford these prices anyway.

To me, 2:00pm means lunch…even on Sunday. I had eaten breakfast 7 hours ago and didn’t feel the need to repeat the process.

The specials? All breakfast. The menu? 99% breakfast with one exception. The fried haddock sandwich.


Bring it…




They brought it..

But damn.




I’ve had thicker fish sandwiches at McDonalds and I wasn’t even sure that was fish.




Mentally tallying up the reasons we weren’t apt to go back to this restaurant, I did what any normal  (still rather hungry from lack of fish)  girl would do.




I drowned my sorrows in flourless chocolate torte.




That’s my kind of math.




26 thoughts on “Where’s the fish?”

  1. So . . . it sounds like your first course (alcohol) and your last course (chocolate) were winners. 😀

    Brunch menus should have options for both breakfast and lunch. This place sounds skew-y.

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  2. … you can get away with crappy décor if the food is great. Otherwise it is just a dive …
    Some of the best Mexican restaurants are hole in the walls … and some of the worst look like a day in Playa del Carmen.

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  3. “To me, 2:00pm means lunch”–excuse me but we civilized people don’t start their day until 11 AM–2 PM is snack time between breakfast and lunch with the latter being around 4-5 PM–someday the world will get on my schedule and live life right!

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      1. Inappropriate is my middle name. ( It isn’t, I actually don’t have one. But if I did? Inappropriate would be appropriate.)
        I’m glad you found me as well. We tribe of weirdos need to stick together.

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  4. I like that minimalistic decor trend. Sadly it seems to be on the way out around here. Now it’s all about historically ‘accurate’ dining rooms and bars. Overwrought and smooshed together.

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  5. My pet peeve with restaurants and coffee places is when they’re closed on bank holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving, I get it. But memorial day? It happens a lot around our area with the “hip and trendy” places downtown. My only guess is that the people who open these establishments are too used to their school schedules and want to continue them on into their pseudo-adulthood.

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  6. Err, I don’t like the chairs, either. My husband insists they’re for short people, but they must also be for short, slight people, as I have the hips and —- aplenty and I do not wish to wear my chair as a belt, thank you.
    Not a fan of those low-slung cloth chairs that they set out in the summer, either. I feel like a kid eating at the grown-up table. Can I even reach the salt?!?
    Wooden booths are where its at. My bestie and I used to Thursday night drink in a sports bar that is no longer open. We’d slide into the same booth every time, wooden panels well over our heads. They knew what we drank and otherwise never bothered with us. The Overtime Cafe. Damn good times.
    Anyway, no thank you on the fish. I’da had the bourbon blossom.
    Also, I like to eat brunch at 2. Yep. However, I do agree that at 2:00 lunch should be on the menu, period. Lunch begins at 11.


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