Turns out you really can get anything from Amazon….


But sometimes, my question is this…

Why would you want to?




Personally, I’ve never felt the need to shed my skin like a snake…

But okay, whatever floats your boat.


And while I enjoy a good bug museum as much as the next girl…




I’ve never felt the need to actually snack on them.



This one?




I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just looks…





Likewise for Fred and friends dunking their nether regions in my cup of hot tea.






I could probably get behind the bread alignment pad…




And sure.

Wine condoms, if anyone actually ever has leftover wine.

(Is that even possible?)


But this last one –

Is not only an affront to common decency…

But the ruination of every backyard bbq and clambake in my foreseeable future.





Damn you Amazon…

I may never eat corn again.





28 thoughts on “Turns out you really can get anything from Amazon….”

  1. The first one, that foot exfoliator is something that is useful. My mom has the ugliest feet ever, she never took care of them and now that she’s older it bothers her. Her caregiver bought her something like what Amazon offers and it works. It really made a difference, it just exfoliates the outer, dry cracked skin. And believe me some people need that! lol.

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  2. Hubby and I went for coffee this morning and we were listening to the oldies station on the way there. Dion’s Mellow Yellow came on. As we were getting out of the car I asked, “What the hell is an electrical banana?” We laughed about all the drugs taken during the 60s. When we sat down I googled the song and immediately regretted my curious mind.


  3. OH.
    Oh wow.
    I am barefoot a lot. I wish my feet were soft as a snake, alas, I am older and the dead skins are like “We ain’t leavin!” and they have to be forcibly removed. So you know, I need assistance.

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  4. This post is amazing in every way possible! I’m in for the foot peeling liquid and the bread support thing, lol. It will match my bread slippers! (Which you can also find on Amazon, obvi, lol!) The corn dildo…. that looks… um…. painful, lol!

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