Pink sky at night….


Sailor’s delight.

Pink sky in morning….

Sailors take warning.




Our backyard sky Sunday morning.




Uh oh.




Our weather has been wacky lately.

Bright sun and 55 degrees one day….

Cold, snow and bitter wind the next.




Oh well..

We’ll get there eventually.




But not today….



Me, shoveling Tuesday morning…..

And not really enjoying April.

Come on spring!





Nothing blooming here but snowflakes…

But that doesn’t mean I can’t import a little now and then.

 As for the upcoming holiday?


26 thoughts on “Pink sky at night….”

  1. There’s an expression about Maine weather: “If you don’t like the weather in Maine, just wait a few hours you’ll freeze to death and no longer care”

    I think that’s how it went.

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  2. Thundering, lightening, and RAINING cats and dogs after an evening of snow. Our highways are just CRAP. 3″ of frozen slushy and ‘let’s see what cars will drive right into the ditch because of the 40mph winds’ awful!

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  3. I’m in London right now and it’s bright sunshine but about 8 degrees – I can’t wait to start sweating again!
    Also I’ve not heard that saying at the start – we have ‘red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in morning, shepherds warning’ – this wasn’t a useful piece of information but I thought I’d add it anyway!

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  4. I think the weather is like that all around the US. It was freaking 89 on Monday, I was sweating like a pig. Then yesterday the wind let loose and since it hasn’t rained here the dust storm followed. I was only outside a couple of minutes but when I got home, I washed my face and three adobe bricks formed in my bathroom sink. Come on Mother Nature, get it together! Lol

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  5. Red, red nose . . .
    Cold down to my toes . . .
    I’m tired of Winter’s snows . . .
    I’m ready for Spring . . .
    Yes, that is my thing . . .
    Red, red nose . . .

    P.S. The daffodils look great with your mini-sculptures!

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  6. The weather has been weird here in NYC too. Super weird – On Wednesday I was out all day in just a sweater and a tank, while yesterday I had to wear a full blown wool coat and boots. Crazy, bipolar weather!

    You look nice. Your hair color looks blonde in the picture. It’s not?

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    1. Look nice? I’m covered in snow and sweating from shoveling the driveway… it’s meant to be an “oh, how awful” picture.
      Epic fail there I guess. 🤣
      But thanks.
      And no, I’m really not blonde. Light brown really. Check out the introduction drum roll on my home page for a better idea, more pics.

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