I can’t say I’m surprised.


Burger King?

Not a fan.




So I wasn’t surprised to hear that their new meatless burger…





Tasted the same as their original beef burger.

Hell, as far as I’m concerned the original doesn’t taste like meat either.




But here’s the thing…

If you’re eating a burger?

Please, for the love of all that’s holy….

Eat a burger!






A burger means beef, bison… or if you have to be difficult, turkey.





Not heme.






A soybean root cheeseburger?


You might as well be eating kale.






43 thoughts on “I can’t say I’m surprised.”

      1. My son’s a vegetarian. I’ve tasted vegetable protein. I prefer protein that was alive at one time or another…

        If I have to be loyal to one fast food place, make it Wendy’s…

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  1. The only Burger King near us disappeared a few years ago. Someone put in a Greek restaurant in its place. I didn’t know about these faux burgers but… I dunno… considering the source… I dunno… Gyros are nice.

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  2. It’s great that restaurants are offering more options to vegetarians and vegans. I haven’t been to BK in years, but we did try a “Beyond Burger” a few months back. We didn’t like it ~> because it tasted too much like meat!

    Make mine a black bean burger. Or a quinoa burger. Or a wild rice and lentil burger. 😀

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  3. Meatasaurus here, and I 100% agree with you. If anyone’s going to eat a damned burger eat it right none of this veggieburger, kale made tofu crap! I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in Texas to have a burger without meat, I’m going to check on that….lol

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  4. I will probably try one in my car if no one I know is looking. I wouldn’t want my friends to know. They once found out that I served them turkey Canadian bacon on the eggs benedict because I don’t eat pork. That was two decades ago and they are still grumbling about me feeding them ersatz crap …

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  5. Anyone else notice they rolled it out on April 1?

    Also, I would not touch that sh!t with a ten foot pole. If you can’t tell the difference between that monstrosity and their “real” burgers, it doesn’t say much for their “real” burgers, does it? 🤮

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  6. I’m actually kinda loving this burger addition to BK….don’t shoot!🙌🏻😆 I do enjoy everyone’s very passionate opinions on either side too. So much feeling!

    I did some checking and it seems like the definition of “burger” is that it can be made up of anything really. But the definition of “hamburger” needs to include animal meat. So I’m on team BK with that one.

    But I can agree that heme(?) and kale? No thank you.✋🏻 Doesn’t sound appetizing at all. I hate kale in general. So I’m on team river girl in that respect,lol.

    I will still try it though. It’s my duty,lol. I’ll let ya know if heme is any good,lol.

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    1. Please do… we should have an actual taste tester, and lord knows it ain’t gonna be me. While I usually don’t condemn without trying, this sounded too revolting to even contemplate.
      Interesting about burger and hamburger, I’ve always used one as a slang for the other.

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  7. If I want a burger, I go to McDonald’s because my arteries want a fried burger, not one cooked on a flame (allegedly). I now have a better reason for that since I’d hate to accidentally get a burger made out of tofu and mildew…

    That said….. Burger KIng has, hands down, the BEST chicken strips in the business. Maybe not a selling point for you given your gravatar, but it’s the one thing that gets the King my business…

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