Help me out here…


Like most humans, I have two legs.




Alright, and some cats as well.

So how is it possible that I had 107 pairs of jeans, slacks and capris in my closet?





So… 214 leg coverings.



How did it happen….

Is there a trouser fairy I’m unaware of?

Or do they breed when the lights go out?




Something had to be done.

So I tried on 98 pieces of clothing.

This was in no way enjoyable and looked something like this:




(If you don’t have fat and skinny sections in your closet? Please move along, I don’t tolerate that kind of self control here.)

I know, I know.

The stack had gotten a little out of hand.

But look, I’m donating all of these…




And I managed to organize a small section of shelf.




Woo hoo! I can see the wall.

Yay me.

But now?

Someone needs to talk to the shirts.




Because I’m getting a little overwhelmed.




Yeah, it’s a tough call.


Because a girl has to take advantage of extra closet space when it presents itself…. right?

29 thoughts on “Help me out here…”

  1. I did that with all of Nick’s stuff and still ended up keeping 2 totes of clothes I couldn’t bear to part with.

    Mine? let’s not go there right now…..later maybe.

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  2. I have a pair of denim capris with an elastic waistband. I’ve given up on regular jeans like a million years ago. I’m learning to adapt to black leggings with long shirts that cover up my back side and front side — because the camel toe is out of control. I know, TMI. Like I said, long shirts that cover everything up! And I agree. Getting rid of old clothes is very cathartic. What’s been agony is getting rid of old decorating magazines. These have become old friends that I visit when reality requires I escape for awhile. Anyway, I had to make room which meant having to get rid of more than I really want to think about and that really hurt! Mona

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    1. I’m not there yet… although I see it in the near future. But my crop top and bikini days are definitely over and that’s depressing, for sure. At times it really bothers me and others I say to heck with it… and have another Oreo.
      Can’t relate to the magazine thing. I only hoard clothes. And shoes. And jewelry…


  3. Oh my closet is begging for a good dump and purge, but I don’t have time for that! I have been REALLY, REALLY good about not shopping as regularly as I used to. (so sad, because I LOVE to shop). Too many kids on the verge of college or in college. Damn bills. And to top it off, they want to eat regularly, too.

    Oh how I do ENJOY my closet when it has been cleaned out. My closet is the biggest in the house (as it should be, can I get an ‘Amen?’), but it also becomes a dumping ground for stuff that is not my clothes. Currently all beach towels are housed in my closet because Tank (who is 16) leaves his wet towel on his bedroom floor after each shower and then when there are no towels left in the cabinet he dips into the beach towels. Now they are hidden in my closet. Maybe he drip dries. No clue.

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    1. Yes, mine is a bit of dumping ground too. Dehumidifier, space heater, antique end table, board games, an ugly vase that was a gift I can’t bear to display, a beach chair… and yes.. a towel as well. It’s amazing there’s room for any clothes at all.


  4. Have you considered renting an airplane ‘hanger’ to store the stuff you don’t wear? That would avoid the agony of getting rid of it, while giving you room to accumulate more clothes that (sooner or later) you will never wear….not unlike the cave where I keep the bad puns I’ll (hopefully) never use again.

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  5. I love a good closet purge! It’s so cathartic! It’s also embarrassing, like did I really wear that last summer? *cringe* I purge often because I cringe often. I don’t have a set of fat and skinny sections… sort of. My summer clothes are my “skinny” clothes and my winter clothes are my “fat” clothes. I gain and lose ten pounds every year at those times. So in the winter, I could never fit into my tank tops or shorts. But in summer I would be swimming in my jeans and long sleeves. And your jean pile was CA-RAZY, lol! I’ve never seen that many pairs of jeans, lol!

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  6. Holy Clotheshorse, Batman!
    I own maybe 20 breeches, mayyybe 50 tops. Unless you count jammies or athletic wear, which I don’t, as they’re not clothes.
    I do the thing where when I buy a new thing I get rid of an old thing. I also live in a 100 year old bungalow, so you know, my house might would fit in your closet 😉
    I absolutely do have a pair of super skinny jeans that I can pretty much only wear one week after the red river has flooded, and then a pair of mom jeans, so loose they can be slid down without unbuckling. Of course I do. Women who do not have this range at all are too precious to hang with me.

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    1. Welcome sister. I have an entire bureau of “I’ll never squeeze into them again but I’m entirely too attached to throw them out” clothes. I think there are a few that haven’t been worn this decade… but still.

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  7. And SOME people talk about their husband’s hoarding–not mentioning names!!

    Rule #1 If you haven’t (couldn’t!) worn something in the past 2 years you get those items all together and give them to a battered women’s shelter who can really use them!!

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