Boys and their (too damned big) toys.


The husband had been sputtering about one for a year, so I knew ….




Naturally he had to have the biggest one they sold…




And we had to rent a damned trailer to get the silly thing home.





Did we need a lawn mower with a cut radius almost as wide as I am tall?





But we’ve got one now.

And contrary to popular belief…. bigger is not better when trying to fit said mower in your shed.




I told him it wouldn’t fit before he bought it.




I told him it wouldn’t fit after he bought it.




You know where this is going, right?



It wouldn’t fit.



Yeah. Who saw that coming?

So now…




His precious car is going to live outside so the even more precious new toy can have half of the garage to itself.




Men and their toys.




Driving women crazy since time immemorial….

60 thoughts on “Boys and their (too damned big) toys.”

  1. I swear to God we are married to clones. We have almost identical mowers. It’s too big for our bloody garden so ‘im indoors wants a bigger garden when we move purely to justify this dodging mower… Words, other than bad ones, fail me

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      1. …which is exactly why I won’t buy a rider; I have too many areas to cut around.
        It’s just easier for me to push and exercise at the same time.
        Still; I’d love to have one, just can’t justify the expense.

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      2. I push mow the front lawn, the upper back and some of the sides because that’s where all my garden beds are. In and out, up and down. No way you’re using the tractor without completely covering my beds with grass…. which he does anyway.


  2. Let’s start by saying my husband has an F450 Ford pickup that needless to say doesn’t fit ANYWHERE except the 5000 sq.ft. pole barn. I also swear by the heavens you can barely walk through. He also has TWO of those danged mowers. Although he does mow almost 10 acres. I swear every time he comes home with some other BIG thing I just scratch my head. I’m pretty darn sure there’s another pole barn on the horizon.

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    1. That’s my fear as well. We just built a 2 story barn with farmers porch that was supposed to house everything. Not one single thing it was supposed to house ever went in there.
      Not. One.


  3. Hysterical that he keeps on trying and trying to fit that sucker in there, lol! Like Austin Powers when he’s trying to make that 3 point turn in a hallway? 😆 I bet he was grumbling after realizing that was not its new home, lol. Salt in the wounds that his wifey did the whole “told ya so”!

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  4. ***
    Sadly I have done similar things before.
    Like this one time I bought a upright freezer to put in this spot in our ‘mud’ room. Sadly, after taking the door frame apart (the one thing I did measure) to get the freezer inside, it just did NOT fit where it needed to go. Needless to say, now it sits on the back deck

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  5. I think the new toy should be christened “The Struggle Bus.” Also, since it now takes the place inside the garage where, presumably, his other vehicle previously resided, I hope y’all don’t get hail. Please don’t let that monstrosity 100 yards near your flower beds! Mona

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      1. The trees are fine… it’s the garden beds. I have them here, there and everywhere and with a 5 foot radius it blows grass a good 8-9 feet. The machine itself won’t fit in the tight spaces…and if it does it blows clippings too damned far.

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      2. You’ll have to figure out how to put a guard over the chute …………. I think they make them. They call them baggers…? *runs*

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  6. ROFL. This weekend hubby and I are out shopping and he sees sheets on sale. Brings over a Cal King set for our bed…. That would be fine if we had a cal-king, tried to explain this to him in numerous ways but I am now a proud owner of an 1800 count cal-king sheet set…. I figure he has to buy me a new bed to fit them when I prove him wrong tehe tehe

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    1. Oh…you totally need to order a king size bed now. The prettiest most expensive one you can find. When your husband flips out? Tell him, but you saved $12 on sheets. What else could I do?


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