The pollen apocalypse.


Forget zombies.




Forget nuclear war.




The pollen is here and I swear it’s going to kill me before the other things have a chance.

This year we’ve seen a crazy increase in pollen. While we normally have a few days of yellow dust choking our air every spring, here we are starting July and we’re still covered in the crap.

How much pollen is too much pollen?




The barn porch furniture is covered.




The kitchen porch is covered.




The back deck is covered.




It’s in every outdoor crevice.




And running down the driveway in streams after a rain.




Nothing escapes it.




Open your windows?




It covers the stove.

And the washing machine.




You know those crazy videos you see on the news…

The ones where someone shakes a tree and clouds of pollen emerge?



I saw our neighbor do that but didn’t have my camera handy….

It’s insane.







29 thoughts on “The pollen apocalypse.”

  1. We don’t get that much in the UK luckily but I still feel the effects of hayfever nonetheless, short of hibernating through the spring/summer months there seems to be no escape!

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  2. And yet you plant more flowers. . . . . . . hmmmmmmmmmm

    I am lucky. I do not have allergies. I would die if I couldn’t be outside when I want to.

    I hope you feel better soon…..oxox

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  3. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! So what changed between last week and this week? Yesterday, even…I couldn’t comment on your site and today I can! WooHooo! Okay, I’ll stop now. What were we talking about? Pollen? Ah, yes, plant sex. Really bad in the mornings in the DFW area of Texas. They say that if you don’t have allergies, live here long enough and you’ll get them! Nothing like waking up in the morning and reaching for a tissue the very first thing because you’re sneezing your head off! Loved the tree pollen in slow mo, btw! I’ve never seen that before, but we do get that powdery pollen residue all over everything in the spring. BUT IT’S SUMMER AND I CAN CUT BACK ON THE CLARITAN FOR A SHORT WHILE UNTIL FALL! WOW! I haven’t been this excited in such a long time –it’s good to know that I can comment on your post again and not feel excluded anymore! *takes deep breath and calms down* Okay, gotta run and see if I can comment on other people’s blogs! Hugs, Mona

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  4. As someone who seems to be naturally immune, I can only offer my sympathies and hopes for a short pollen season. Here we have cottonwood floating around like a massive summertime snowstorm. Again, naturally immune… 🙂

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