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News you can’t use.


You might not be able to use it, but these things must be shared.



No, not the Walking Dead kind… just zombie viral genomes. They don’t have a tv show but are still pretty impressive.



That’s one bad ass prehistoric goldfish.



There’s an America’s Best Restroom contest. How did I not know this? What are the categories… most comfortable commode? Most elbow room in a stall? Most stylish tampon dispenser? I need to know!



Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?








Products you’re too embarrassed to admit you want.


But I know you do.



Admit it, we’ve all wanted to feel a little warmer and cheesier this year.



This gives a whole new meaning to the word shortcake.



Skin as soft and supple as a nice juicy brain? What woman doesn’t dream of that!



I have to admit this one might have validity. We live next to a horse farm and see our fair share of flies. A real life arcade game with salt bullets… hmm.



My first one is a live pear.


I don’t know about you, but I never have anything pop up in the ‘search terms’ box of my stats page…. until now.

I was excited! What was someone looking for when they arrived at my page… Chickens? Rocks? Rodent rebellions? It could be anything.



New live pears?

What the…


This required a Google search of my own.



The Grisly Pear and… zombies.

No, that can’t be right.

Let’s try again.



Okay, a giant lau lau is strange enough…



But a waterproof bullet vibrator?

What the utter F!


I love my town … part, whatever.


Our town’s FB page has been filled with blog fodder lately.

Here are a few of the best…



Name That Scat?

You can’t get quality posts like this in the city.

No sir.



Damn, I wonder if that drone crackpot who wrapped himself in tinfoil lives close by?

No anal probes needed here.



This is utterly fabulous.

No joke.



Good thing the husband didn’t see this.

Free is a four letter word as far as I’m concerned.





I hope not.



Our townspeople are so helpful.

Because you can never be too prepared for Zombies.



Toilet paper…

What’s that?



The Easter Bunny was spotted last month, although I’m not sure why he needed a cannon.



Thankfully this person lives on the other side of town because while tire planters are never a good idea….

Hot pink tire planters would strain even Mr. Rogers’ love for his neighbors.

I’m suddenly glad that I don’t drink coffee.


Because I saw this in the store a while back….




And have to admit it was a little frightening.



For anyone interested in a life threatening coffee experience, you can find it here.




Their advertising tag line is “It will wake the dead”…. so please be careful who you give it to.

The world has enough overly caffeinated zombies as is.


Grocery store oddities.


Proof positive you can find blog fodder everywhere.

Not being a Slim Jim or pork rind fan I passed on these…




I mean, hey… I like spicy food.

But not hot enough to make my pig squeal.

Then there was this –




A clever ad gimmick for Walking Dead fans, but I can turn into a zombie by drinking just about anything.

No apocalypse necessary.




I did buy these lemons.

Although I was little disappointed they didn’t have seed spitting lips.

Next time I’ll look for the GMO versions.

They’re always more interesting.




And finally, back to the liquor aisle.

While the name Screwball caught my attention….




I could come up with no reasonable explanation for adding peanut butter to a perfectly good whisky.

That’s just wrong.