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Meanwhile at Casa River…


Night time visitors continue to surprise us when we walk back from the barn.



And while surprising us is no big deal? Surprising them can be.




A friend of my husband’s gifted him this Red Sox clock. He loved it and immediately hung it on the man cave wall. I on the other hand, realized it’s outdated. It says “7 time World Champions” when the number is currently 9. The reason for the gift is now apparent, at least to me.



Lord Dudley Mountcatten? He couldn’t care less.



Behold the wonder I found at the package store. Margarita wine! Taste test and review to follow..



Our neighbors have all the luck. They get an exotic bird with iridescent plumage….we get a red squirrel bitch with sharp teeth.



Random photos you don’t need to see, but will just to humor me.


Our resident skunk who visits nightly.

Like everything else around here, he’s ass backwards with a black striped tail and white tip.

Regardless, he’s still a little stinker… and if the tip goes up?




Two CH-53E Marine Corps choppers flying over our backyard during some rare state of Maine training.

We lived in the flight pattern of these babies down south when my husband was active duty, and trust me, when they go by? You feel it.

As does your house.. because everything that isn’t nailed down rattles.



The sunset up the road from our house the other night.

You may ooh and ah at will.



A sign I bought for the husband’s future barn bar.


Making friends more interesting for centuries.

Well, crap.


And yes, I mean that literally.

Continue at your own risk.

Remember, you were warned.



And I’m not talking about a little poo. No.

To be precise….



It’s a dozen piles of crap.




On top of our stone wall.









All along the top of the wall….






It looks like skunk to me, although why the little devil feels the need to climb up there and poop every night is beyond me.

Wild Kingdom… the River edition.


It’s not just the woodchucks who show up for a nosh at Casa River.




We have a beautiful pair of foxes who are denning down in our woods.




Hey now… I’m sharing the sights and sounds of my backyard.

Please be respectful.




Early morning shots through a wet window are a little blurred.




This is sharper.




Then there are the daily seed raiders…




This not pregnant anymore doe just dropped her fawn in the woods 2 houses down and is late in blowing her winter coat.

Of course if we had this type of deer, our seeds would be safe.




But if we had these?

We might not be.








And do you remember the Catbird nest with it’s bright blue eggs?








New life is popping there too.




Although momma Catbird doesn’t like it when I photograph her babies. Turn up your volume to hear her cry.




And then there’s this fellow…. who I stumbled on by accident and took one quick out of focus shot of before I hightailed it inside.




At least I wasn’t looking at the business end.





Still drinking, still knowing…


Still have to share my ridiculously useless knowledge.




Did you know….


1.   The little dot over a lower case  is called a tittle.


(There won’t be any memes to accompany that precious nugget of information.

Google image searching for the word “tittle” led me in some very disturbing directions.)


2.   An octopus will eat it’s own arms if it gets hungry enough.

But Hell….

I think we’ve all been tempted to do that at one time or another, no?




3.  In 1900 the third leading cause of death was diarrhea.

Aren’t you glad you started reading this blog?




4.  Winnie the Pooh was based on a real life female bear named Winnie who lived in the London Zoo.





5.  The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by the Egyptians in 2000 BCE.




I don’t know about you, but crocodile dung would definitely be enough to kill the mood for me.


6.  Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.


Orchids I could understand. They’re fussy, creepy, high maintenance flowers that look like they want to bite off your finger.

But ferns?

They’re delightful..




7.   Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was Moon.

How’s that for serendipity?




8.  If you live in Michigan, it is illegal to put a skunk in your boss’s desk.

Sorry Detroiters…

I’m sure that’s very disappointing news.