Fun at the fair…. and balls.


We hadn’t been to the Topsham Fair in years, and after going the other day I remembered why.

Maine has some fabulous county fairs….. but this isn’t one of them.

With a $12 charge per person to get in? There should have been more… everything.




We started with the livestock, because I do love me some critters.




I got up close and personal with sheep….




While the husband chatted up a cow.




This cow was lying down.




As was her owner…




And it took all my willpower not to yell at him to drop his phone and learn how to spell her name properly.




Sorry El….



This cow had a little speck of something on her nose…




Which proved to be no problem.




Yes, that’s her tongue. And she knew how to use it.




Did you know…




Cows can’t vomit?

I live to enlighten.




We saw ox, and horses.




Some huge.




Some small.

We saw pigs…




With lots of baby pigs…




And goats..




With some pretty big…




Sorry…. but holy crap!




How do you walk with balls that big?



We strolled around looking for the chicken barn….

Only to discover there wasn’t one.

Very disappointing.




And then we walked past the “Decorate a Bale of Hay” contest.




Which… yeah.




Was a bit odd.




I temporarily lost the husband to some old rusty crap.




And found him checking out some sweet old vehicles for sale.




We meandered through the collection of carriages and sleighs which we always love…




And found a cannon…




With a strategically placed ball.




In a sack.

Tell me someone doesn’t have a sense of humor….



We made the obligatory walk through the exhibition hall.




But the Blue Ribbon rhubarb failed to thrill.

And aside from the carnival rides we didn’t ride and the roach coach junk food that we didn’t eat, that was it….

Until I spotted George.




And fell in love.



I mean… look at him!




George is an Emu.












And despite the prehistoric raptor like gaze, quite friendly.

Here’s some riveting video of him drinking water.



And a little something closer up.



He’s over 6 foot tall, with coarse dense feathers.

Yes, we bonded…. and I petted him.

Totally worth the $12 admission price.







30 thoughts on “Fun at the fair…. and balls.”

  1. With apologies to Ogden Nash:
    At a model T we did gaze
    Alas for me it did not faze
    And rusty crap we passed thru
    To view a wonderous
    Australian emu
    ‘Twas kindred soul that we met
    A very touching, sweet vignette
    And I felt it might be one of us

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “How do you walk with balls that big?” I would tell you but 1) I would be giving our secret away and 2) I am blushing too much!!
    I haven’t been to a Fair since I was 16 in 1952 and we went to the New Jersey State Fair in Morristown!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My husband made a huge deal of pointing out that our first “real” date was at our Erie County Fair – 40 years ago this year! If I wasn’t still hurting from my car accident, we maybe would have gone – but just the idea of walking from the parking lot to the gate (it’s a really, really long walk) did me in. No way was I up to walking the acres and acres of exhibits, food stands, and midway. I would have loved seeing all the animals, though. In addition to the usual horses, cows, pigs and goats, our fair has chickens, ducks, fancy pigeons and bunnies. And lots of entertainment included in the admission price – acrobats, magicians, big band shows, etc. Maybe next year,

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I would totally pay $12 just to see the cows and goats, let alone pigs and oxen et al. What a pretty day, too 🙂
    (I did know cows can’t vomit. They’ve got weird multiple stomach bits.)

    Liked by 1 person

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