So…. this is happening.


You may remember me posting pictures of our little red barn/shed.

We use it as a shed, but it was originally a small barn complete with horse. The horse is long gone…. and 40 odd years later?

The barn/shed is almost gone as well.




Falling apart?

You could say that…




Rotted wood?



The mere fact that it’s still standing never ceases to amaze me.




It’s horrible. An eye sore on our otherwise lovely property. The bane of my existence for a long, long time.

It’s state of disrepair is the main reason we spent $50,000 and 7 years of nights and weekends building a new and much larger barn.


IMG_0158 (Edited)


The plan? All the mowers and weed whackers, the snow blower, the tractor and assorted yard tools that were in the shed/barn were supposed to go into the new barn…. and the eyesore would be torn down.



But that never happened, and now the husband….. who has already filled the new barn with CRAP wants to rebuild the shed/barn to continue housing the mowers, tractor etc.

So this is happening.




Husband deemed part of the interior framing sound, and started what I thought was deconstruction of the back half…. which needs to be completely rebuilt..

Now my idea of deconstruction consists of ripping off the roof, then the walls. The husband’s?

I’m not quite sure.




He put up a new piece of wood…




Ostensibly to brace the roof… though why you need to brace something you’re tearing down is beyond me.




But look at the piece he’s bracing! Rotted doesn’t begin to describe it…




Yeah. He trimmed it…

The rotted piece of wood.




He sawed off a section of wall… by hand, even though the chainsaw was right there.




And made a bigger hole.




He elongated the brace….




And added wood running along the bottom.



He was supposed to be tearing it down…. so WTH?

Naturally I had to ask.

And naturally, he wouldn’t answer.

It was hot, he was cranky and I dared to question his technique.

Silly me.








49 thoughts on “So…. this is happening.”

  1. Have mercy! About now I’m thinkin’ I should pray for some 70 mph straight-line winds to come through and bring it down, that or a big ol’ snow storm that roof couldn’t handle. I truly believe that’s the only way you’re getting rid of it. The man is attached!

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    1. The weird thing is, every year the snow piles up and I think… yup, that will bring her down. But the damned thing keeps standing. It’s over 40 years old… die you bastard! Die.


  2. I love it. Your old barn looks so much like my dad’s–a wonderful old contraption that, like yours, somehow refuses to fall in against all odds. There’s something I love about old barns and sheds. Apparently your husband refuses to give up on his old friend.

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  3. Stop nagging the poor guy–he is trying to make you happy fixing the old shack—-ooooopppppssss! I meant barn! Someday you might say something nice about him and we all will have to check if it is your post or he posted it using your name!! LOL

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  4. I’d suggest introducing termites and/or carpenter ants…except the damned things have a pesky way of getting out of control. Ditto with a good old-fashioned fire. Anyway, good luck! Maybe all it needs is to slap a fresh coat of paint on it and call it a day. LOL. Mona

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