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Random things.


I don’t drink coffee, never have. But if any brand were ever to tempt me to start? This might be it.



As previously noted, we had an electrician in to put some electrical outlets under our bar. And because we’re either cursed or the unluckiest people on earth, things did not go well. I won’t bore you with details but after 3 hours of trying… ka-Ching! …. the only option was this.



Ugly ass exterior junction boxes… that because I let the husband supervise? Were mounted too high and now leave me unable to run the three foot long shelf I’d purchased for that spot.

Two foot long shelves it is. Grrr.



A recent trip to our local pub found the owner munching on these. And while I utterly despise all sugar free, fake ass, wannabe chocolate? These weren’t half bad. Of course I was a few Cosmos in by then, so they may have actually tasted like cardboard. For $15 a bag, I don’t think I’m willing to check.




Yes they are, and bless their little souls for the good cheer they spread.


Things I don’t need.


I dislike Pepsi and find it sickeningly sweet.



So Apple Pie Pepsi? That’s a hard pass.



While this sounded like a cute idea?



The aesthetics leave a lot to be desired. That looks less like a mouthful of chocolate chip cookie and more like a mouth filled with…. well, never mind.



Sorry, but my cabinet doors aren’t playing loud music past 10:00 pm or yelling at their husband to pick up his dirty socks. No noise suppression is required.



First they want me to exercise with rubber bands, now they want me to wrap them around my mattress? I’ll tell you right now…. neither one of those things will be happening anytime soon.




Just, no.


CSA and grocery store weirdos.


Swiss chard, celery, onion, basil, radishes, carrots, dill, scallions, tomato, pepper and something I’d never tried before.

A Korean melon.




It’s a delicate flavor, like cantaloupe… with the consistency of a cucumber.

At the store this week –



A clearance sale on Hostess coffee.

Poor SnoBalls.

Apparently no one likes them in caffeinated liquid form either.



Italian flour.


Do the Irish and French have some as well. And if so, why?




More meatless meat. This time in balls.

So wrong.



And yes, the brand name toilet paper was still on the shelves.

But right across the aisle?


Not a Brawny or Bounty in sight.

Thirsty paper towels?

Trust me, they’re anything but.

Things there are no explanation for.


  1.    The grill cover that came with our new grill.




Mind you, it’s custom made for this particular grill so it’s not a matter of fit.

So why on earth would a cover, that’s ostensibly used to protect the metal from the elements, have an opening of netted mesh where the metal controls are located?


2.    Mexican toilet paper.




I live in Maine, which is as far as you can get from Mexico and still be in the United States….




So why were these the only brands available on the grocery store shelf this week?


3.    Why is there a squirrel on top of my bicycle in the garage?




If your answer is  “You don’t ride it, so why shouldn’t he?” that’s technically correct, but doesn’t explain how he got in the garage or why he wouldn’t rather use that special car wash broom attachment my husband had to have but never used instead. He had to walk past 2 dirty cars to find the bicycle…. and that’s just rude.


4.  Why is there coffee all over my kitchen cabinets?




Not the lower cabinets mind you, where I could understand a little spillage…. but the upper. Did Micheal J. Fox sneak in for a cuppa while I wasn’t looking? Was the husband gettin’ jiggy with it while I was in the shower?

I don’t drink coffee, so no. I didn’t catch a glimpse of a bare chested Jason Momoa on the television and have a muscle spasm.



Photo for reference purposes only.


And to think it only took me an hour to choose that particular shot. 😈


So…. why?

If you can explain any of these unexplainable circumstances, I’d be most grateful.

I’m suddenly glad that I don’t drink coffee.


Because I saw this in the store a while back….




And have to admit it was a little frightening.



For anyone interested in a life threatening coffee experience, you can find it here.




Their advertising tag line is “It will wake the dead”…. so please be careful who you give it to.

The world has enough overly caffeinated zombies as is.


The resort condo, the coffee shop, free chicken coffee…. and as always, geese.


After touring the Manor House of the Historic Powhatan Resort in Williamsburg, I knew our condo would be a bit of a letdown, but as timeshare units go…. it was quite decent.




We requested a top floor, since the husband despises people tap dancing above him at 2:00am.


                   Our previous upstairs neighbors


It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit…




And like many of the newly renovated suites we’ve had lately….  heavily yellow and beige-d.






But the king size bed was extremely comfortable….




There was a working fireplace…




A full kitchen with hardwood floors and granite countertops….




Large bathrooms…




A full size dining table….




And a place for evening cocktails.




The buildings were well spaced and far enough apart to limit noise, which is a plus for light sleepers like me.




Heck, this condo was almost 1,400 square feet…. which is about 300 more than our first home, so I wasn’t complaining.



We unpacked, or rather I did. Husband just threw his suitcase on the bed and called it good. What is it with you men?

Then we decided to grab a quick bite at the on site coffee shop.




It was next to the Manor House, and attractive in it’s own right.




With a large outdoor seating area….




And a view of the ever present geese.








It also had a big fat closed sign next to it’s front door.




First the bad restaurant, then the shut up tight coffee shop. Clearly it wasn’t our day for eating out.

So we ended our first day in Williamsburg at the grocery store, stocking up for the 2 weeks ahead and wondering why no one was taking advantage of the free chicken coffee.




Buy 2, get 3 free?

I don’t drink the stuff… but geesh.

How bad can it be to still be filling the shelves? The packaging alone should be worth the price of two.






Things I like today… Part 9.


I like…

The Damariscotta Pumpkin Fest. We’ve never been, but someday….

Someday I’m going up there to watch people float down the river in giant pumpkin boats.




I like…

The color coordination of fall leaves and the husband’s tractor.




I like….

The idea of cotton candy cloud coffee.




On second thought, to heck with the coffee…. just let me walk around with a sugar cloud over my head all day.





I like…

People who are really, really devoted to a theme.




Please note the skulls on the front grille.

Doesn’t that just make you want to yell….


Things I like today…. part 8.


I like….


Have you tried them yet?




Well, what are you waiting for?



I like….

Taking a break on our deck after mowing the lawn a few weeks ago, and having a friend show up.




I thought for sure he’d run when he saw me. But he took a good look, deemed me no immediate threat and happily settled in for a nap.

Until the husband opened the door and scared him off.




I like….

Reading that a lobsterman in Falmouth caught a rare 1 in 100 million cotton candy blue lobster….


IMG_E5808 (2)


Took a picture… and donated him to an aquarium where he never has to worry about being captured or eaten again.


I like…

Amazing sunrises in our backyard.




I like….

Driving home along country roads this time of year and seeing the trees bursting with color.


Autumn in New England is hard to beat.



Life is good!