White Mountains trip Day 2….. Evans Notch.


Heading back to the resort after a full day of exploring, we decided to drive through.. and over… Evans Notch.




It’s basically a straight up ride that cuts through a mountain to the other side.




We had it all to ourselves and saw some of the most vibrant color of our trip.




Pictures don’t do it justice, so ride along with us.

Just watch out for chipmunks.




I wish we’d been there a week earlier when the reds and oranges had been popping…




But it was still quite a show.




When we reached the top…




It thinned out a little.




Bare granite on the right…




Full foliage behind the sign.




And a mix on the left…. with the sun setting in the distance.




Heading back down was just as pretty…




And it was nice to see I’m not the only one who  ❤’s  the mountains.



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