Cape Cod, Day 2… Hyannis, JFK socks and creative pooper scooping.




As many of you probably know, John F. Kennedy’s family’s compound is in Hyannis… and when you’re there it’s pretty hard to escape the fact. Streets, housing developments, restaurants…. they’re all named for some part of the Kennedy legacy. So we said if you can’t beat em, join em….. and visited the JFK museum.




Unfortunately it was under construction when we visited…




So there won’t be any good exterior shots…




Or good interior shots for that matter because photography was prohibited. I’m not really sure why, as there were very few vintage artifacts to flash damage. And to be honest, the whole place was disappointing. It consisted of multiple rooms filled with large photos, prints and news clippings that I could have just easily researched online. From my couch, in my pajamas.  The real museum is in Boston… so my advice? Skip this one and drive to beantown.

Unless you’re in desperate need of some  presidential socks…




Which I bootlegged a picture of.

Since it was a beautiful day, we strolled to the harbor next.




Where the husband made friends with a seagull..




Who didn’t seem too pleased with the rules.




Being off season and November, the art shanties were vacant…




But it must be wonderful to walk there in the summer and watch local artists at work.




This time of year the harbor was home to charter and fishing boats.




As most of the tourists have fled for warmer ports.




But it was a pretty spot to watch the ferry come in from Martha’s Vineyard.



And enjoy the day.




Unless you’re a dog walker….




Who apparently have to follow closely behind their pets and strategically aim a saucepan at Fido’s butt.

Good times.




14 thoughts on “Cape Cod, Day 2… Hyannis, JFK socks and creative pooper scooping.”

  1. Sure talk about dog poop but food pictures? Of course not!!
    I am currently reading about Point Judith in Rhode Island and for some reason this caught my eye “Matunuck Oyster Bar which might serve up the best meal you have ever eaten” not that I would make a special trip just to eat great food but how can I take the word of someone I don’t know so you and hubby should check it out for me!!


  2. Such a beautiful harbor, thankfully that wasn’t closed. I got a kick out of the presidential socks, hopefully you got some? Also the saucepan dog poop sign . . . What a hoot!. We once saw a similar sign that said NO DOG FOULING – that was a new way of putting it.
    Looks like a fun blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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