The resort condo, the coffee shop, free chicken coffee…. and as always, geese.


After touring the Manor House of the Historic Powhatan Resort in Williamsburg, I knew our condo would be a bit of a letdown, but as timeshare units go…. it was quite decent.




We requested a top floor, since the husband despises people tap dancing above him at 2:00am.


                   Our previous upstairs neighbors


It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit…




And like many of the newly renovated suites we’ve had lately….  heavily yellow and beige-d.






But the king size bed was extremely comfortable….




There was a working fireplace…




A full kitchen with hardwood floors and granite countertops….




Large bathrooms…




A full size dining table….




And a place for evening cocktails.




The buildings were well spaced and far enough apart to limit noise, which is a plus for light sleepers like me.




Heck, this condo was almost 1,400 square feet…. which is about 300 more than our first home, so I wasn’t complaining.



We unpacked, or rather I did. Husband just threw his suitcase on the bed and called it good. What is it with you men?

Then we decided to grab a quick bite at the on site coffee shop.




It was next to the Manor House, and attractive in it’s own right.




With a large outdoor seating area….




And a view of the ever present geese.








It also had a big fat closed sign next to it’s front door.




First the bad restaurant, then the shut up tight coffee shop. Clearly it wasn’t our day for eating out.

So we ended our first day in Williamsburg at the grocery store, stocking up for the 2 weeks ahead and wondering why no one was taking advantage of the free chicken coffee.




Buy 2, get 3 free?

I don’t drink the stuff… but geesh.

How bad can it be to still be filling the shelves? The packaging alone should be worth the price of two.






27 thoughts on “The resort condo, the coffee shop, free chicken coffee…. and as always, geese.”

  1. The avocado and harvest gold era was so traumatic that the apartment house white and neutral beige eras are a cake walk …

    I am a cultural Philistine, I know … but it has been Folgers for *mumble* decades now …

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  2. Beige, but comfy. Groovy.
    We lived in an apartment with a 4 and 6 year old on the second floor, and I babysat my same-age nephews 5 days a week, so I’m pretty sure our downstairs neighbors hated us. Oops. It was quiet from 9pm-7am tho, I promise. Hehe!
    My bungalow is about 1500 sq feet. Our largest was about 2300.Today, there’s a kid here whose basement is bigger than our house. I hope he’s okay.

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  3. I’ll pass on the Chicken Coffee. Made by chickens, from chickens, with chicken…nope, I’ll pass. Nice clean comfy room, all that matters. I truly don’t understand this thing you have about emptying and refilling your suitcase.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a draft blog post about travel and how I evolved to putting my suitcase on the couch and the laundry bag next to it. Easy peasy – if I ever publish that post, I’ll link to one of yours.

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