The resort, the Manor, a little bad food…. and geese.


There aren’t too many timeshare resorts that have a Manor House…




But ours did.




And for guests….




The doors were wide open.




So before even finding our condo, we explored.




She was a charming old girl.




And fully decked out for Christmas.




Yes, there was even some funky chicken portraiture.




Ya gotta love that.




Traditional Williamsburg colors took center stage.




And board games were set up on various tables.




It really was quite lovely.




And I certainly wouldn’t mind having a meal or two here.




But we were burning daylight…




So, needing liquid refreshment….




We left the Manor House and were pleased to find a restaurant/bar on the property.




Not all resorts have this, so it was a plus.




The friendly bartender introduced the husband to a local beer, and we ordered some appetizers to test the menu.




French Onion Soup for the other half…. which was absolutely horrendous. Croutons instead of French Bread, over salted broth and a glob of gelatinous cheese.





My margarita was made with cheap mix and even cheaper tequila…. and the cheesy crab dip? Tasteless, as well as crabless.  I couldn’t find a single piece.

Needless to say we passed on ordering dinner there. (Sorry Martin, that’s all the food pics you’ll get today.)

But ya know what?

The resort was beautiful.

They had a Manor House…..




And geese.




I forgave them their bad food.




20 thoughts on “The resort, the Manor, a little bad food…. and geese.”

  1. Those geese look like they are just chilling and in no hurry to go anywhere, lol. As for the food, bad French onion soup should be a crime! That’s my favorite soup ever, for it to be bad, that’s just wrong. 😤😠

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  2. The manor is LOVELY! FYI, I don’t know that you have Panera, or plan to eat there, but the French onion soup is gaggariffic. I know this because they stopped serving my velvety cream of wild rice soup and I was forced to try something new. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The manor looks like a house in winter that you give up every hope of ever being warm in again. Reminds me to bless the god of central heat.

    I would need several canned margaritas before eating the onion soup, and even then it would be a “here … hold my drink and watch this!” moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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