Mariners’ Museum 3…. some sweetness and a little toilet humor.


Yes, we’re still at the museum. But this post should make everyone smile.

Done with the Civil War Ironclad section….



Oh, stop. You learned something… and that’s never a bad thing.

We saw a large board filled with children’s drawings.




Every child that visits is encouraged to add one and some of them were wonderful.




We saw it too, and yes…. it was.




This one melted my heart for obvious reasons.




And this one made me laugh. They love the water, but have a ship marked with a big red X so the circling sharks can find them.

Nicely done little Peter Benchley.

And then, because I teased it on yesterday’s post…. some toilet humor.

Since we’d spent half the day exploring the museum, I had need of the ladies room where I found this on the inside of my stall door.




How great is this?

Not the latrine duty, that had to suck… but reading historic toilet facts while you’re on the toilet? Pretty great.

You don’t often find that kind of symmetry in life.

It must be celebrated when you do.




So you know I had to go stall to stall and photograph them all.

(Apologies to the woman in the last stall. I wasn’t stalking you… really. I just needed a picture.)




Ouch indeed.




Now that’s historical trivia at it’s best. Impress your friends the next time you play Jeopardy.

You’re welcome.




There you have it.

Proof positive museums can be fun.

Or at the very least, museum restrooms can.


28 thoughts on “Mariners’ Museum 3…. some sweetness and a little toilet humor.”

  1. If I had been that lady in the cubicle, I think I would have had “stage fright”!
    If someone is right outside the door, or one of my friends tries to have a conversation with me from another cubicle, I can’t pee!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the idea of going stall to stall to take those photos – sounds like something I would do. But I’m a little confused – if they had buckets on ropes, why not simply lower the buckets to the sea to get water to put out the fires? It’s probably saltwater either way, although I admit the peeing-in-the-bucket way is much more fun (for the sailors – if any ladies were on board, I doubt they participated).

    Liked by 1 person

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