Margarita heaven….


Our last night with our special visitors ended at Jose Tequilas because…. well, you knew it had to.

Greeted at the door by this…..




And this….




I knew it was going to be a fun place.




The colors were bright and cheerful.




And the margarita list was a mile long.

Heaven, I tell you…. pure heaven!




I started with the Prickly Pear and Destiny had the Mango…. we both said large, and yes they were.




The Dia de los Meurtos theme was fabulous… and everywhere you looked.




After a few of those large (and quite potent) margaritas? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone asked those chicas to dance.




I tried to persuade our table to order grilled cactus, but there were no takers.




Though a second round of medium sized margaritas was approved for us girls.

Purple Gecko for me, Cool Cucumber for Destiny.

And yes, Martin… there was food.




Although Mexican food never looks as good as it tastes.

Chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice and re-fried beans….








And churros.




A good time was had by all.

There was a third round of margaritas…. the Tamerindo Guava and a Coco Loco respectively…. but yours truly forgot to photograph those.

And to be honest? By that time I was very glad the resort was only 2 minutes away.










27 thoughts on “Margarita heaven….”

      1. When we lived in NJ, we had a hot tub on the deck. I would float around on a raft with rock music playing over the outside speakers while drinking adult beverages.

        I told my husband, “If you come home and find me drowned with the raft still spinning around and an empty beer bottle floating on the surface . . . know that I died happy.”

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