The one thing you definitely don’t want to see in the winter in Maine.


Even with the milder winters we’re having, we still see our fair share of snow, ice, and sleet. But temperatures are warming and we’re not seeing those epic dumps of the white stuff like we used to.


Copy (2) of 006


This used to be a normal February.




Tunneling was a way of life.

Now? We get a few inches and it melts.

Then it freezes.




I am so done with ice.




Yes, it’s pretty.




But when walking to the mailbox means you might slip, fall and crack a rib?




You can have it.




Give me a foot of snow over pretty shining crystals any day.




And with all that snow, melting and ice?

This –




A leak in the roof.




And what looks like an expensive repair to the ceiling.



It’s the worst possible time of year for it.

So from now until spring, when we can get it fixed, I’m going to cringe every time it rains.

Good times.


24 thoughts on “The one thing you definitely don’t want to see in the winter in Maine.”

  1. Ugh. I feel like I’ve got whiplash from enjoying your recent posts about visiting historic sites on your vacation to your current reality of a roof/ceiling leak. Not a happy switch in topic!
    The dripping into the pan is the worst. That would drive me nuts, keep me up all night.
    Apparently spring (sunshine, not rain) can’t arrive soon enough in your neck of the woods!

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