Yorktown re-creation… in which we explore outdoors.


The second half of the American Revolutionary War Museum in Yorktown, Virginia is the interactive outdoor exhibit re-creation.




First up…. the soldier’s encampment.




It’s one thing to read about these things and see them in your mind’s eye….. quite another when you can physically touch and experience them first hand.

See those little tents? 4-6 men slept in there….. and let me tell you, it wouldn’t have been comfortable for one.




Meals, such as they were… were cooked here.




And the fire was kept burning 24/7.




There were few doctors as we think of them today, and the surgical tent more than likely contained a barber with a bag of torture implements like these. Please note the large bottle of laudanum in the back. I’d be chugging that like iced tea, thank you very much.

Though if you were bitten by a mad dog?

They had you covered.




The General’s tent was a bit larger….




And served as his office as well.




The laundromat was a bit primitive.




Though you did get a discount if you brought your own soap.

And the entire camp was ringed with wooden spikes to repel attackers.




As well as providing excellent selfie backgrounds.








16 thoughts on “Yorktown re-creation… in which we explore outdoors.”

  1. When I’ve been behind on my blog reading, I can always count on coming back to yours and finding a barrage of interesting photos from your recent adventures so that I can vicariously live outside of my classroom. Thanks!

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  2. “These clothes are itchy.”
    “Here, have some laudanum.”
    “This food is awful.”
    “Here, have some laudanum.”
    “I can’t sleep with five other guys.”
    “Here, have some laudanum.”
    “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”
    “Here, have some laudanum.”
    “Aw rats, it’s my day to clean invaders off the spikes.
    “Here, have some laudanum.”

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