The Lord of Misrule and some happy Christians.


Toward the end of our tour of the Jamestown re-creation settlement, we were startled by a loud noise.



It was the Lord of Misrule and his motley crew.




15 thoughts on “The Lord of Misrule and some happy Christians.”

  1. I think there is video of you dancing and you didn’t want to post it just blaming it on your husband.

    I’ve been forced to be easier on my liver and I’m not happie about it at all!

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    1. Yes, I understand the disappointment. But trust me… the music they were playing had a fabulous 17th beat. I could hardly contain myself from allemande-ing.


  2. I aspire to be the Lordess of Misrule.
    “Shouldn’t that be the Lady of Misrule?” one might reasonable wonder.
    Hell, no. If I’m misruling, I won’t be ladylike. (And “Lordess” is slang for Lady. So there.)

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  3. I guess you didn’t see your husband jumping up and down and waving his hands towards you behind your back. Unfortunately he did all that without getting his camera ready first.

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