Because when I have a lot of time on my hands… it’s what I do.


If I’m self isolating?

And the husband is teleworking so I have to tiptoe quietly around the house….

I read.




And when the husband is not working…… but watching old westerns with John Wayne or non stop Corona Virus news coverage that makes me want to scream?

I read.




Problem is I read too much and too quickly.

12 books in 2 weeks makes me wish we were eligible for that stimulus package check.

Because if this keeps up much longer… and Goodwill and the libraries stay closed?

I’m going to need it for my Amazon bill.

33 thoughts on “Because when I have a lot of time on my hands… it’s what I do.”

  1. I’m ramping up to re-read The Count of Monte Cristo. I try to read it once a year and I need it now. Perhaps the story about a prisoner in isolation will be encouraging. He does escape, after all.

    I desperately need the convenience of my Kobo reader and account. It’s so good to be able to buy a book in the middle of the night and instantly have it.

    Good luck!

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      1. James probably already knows this but Henry Fielding wrote a parody of Richardson’s Pamela called Shamela and a slightly less satirical parody called Joseph Andrews. When Clarissa was published Fielding really liked it and sent a nice letter to Richardson saying, “Nice book, dude.” Richardson was still holding a grudge and refused to answer.
        Fielding’s Tom Jones is also long and very funny and there’s a great film version with a young Albert Finney, if you can get control of the TV for a few hours.

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      2. I did know about Shamela but had completely forgotten about it until I read your comment. Those eighteenth century geniuses! When will they learn to get along?

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  2. Great minds think alike!! I’m reading up a storm too, because one can only watch so much television with depressing news. And my “roommate” (aka my son) loves watching Ghost programs, which I don’t mind so much. But when he begins watching wrestling or cartoons, I reach for a book. My Amazon bill is beginning to climb with all the books I’ve ordered.

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  3. Books are also very much a tactile pleasure to me too and because I’m kind of an impetuous book buyer–who says you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover?–I’m finding a lot around the house I haven’t gotten to.
    Also, funny enough, there are some blogs I really enjoy. I’m using Friday to catch up on some of those.

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      1. I like history, spy dramas, murder mysteries, legal thrillers, serial killers, intelligent sci fi. I do admit to reading all Pat Conroy’s and Anne River Siddons. That’s as guilty pleasure as I can go.

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  4. The day after I got furloughed, I went to my favorite library branch and stocked up on books. A week and a half later, I only have 5 unread books left, and the library branches are all closed until the crisis ends. Guess I’ll be doing some re-reading during the lockdown.

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  5. I read like that, too. Now I work 40 hours a week, which answers the question, what would you do with more time? Read more. It often seems wasteful to buy books as quickly as I read them. I do it anyway, but I also buy half price a lot, use the library, and Kindle.
    How was The Wife Between Us?

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    1. Not bad. Rather like Gone Girl….. but I can’t say it really lived up the hype.
      And yes, I try to buy at thrift stores and yard sales and library clear outs as well. Right now? It’s straight Amazon and that’s gonna hurt!


      1. Good. Then I don’t have to store them for a year. LOL!!! You SAW my bookcase upstairs right? And I found 2 more boxes and a 31 Tote full!!

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      2. I’ve been saving books for the yard sale we never get around to having ever since my mom died. A whole section of the big barn is full. I should start a COVID library!

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