Quarantine fever?


I don’t normally blog about my husband’s job.

He is a Fed after all, they might be listening.



But this morning he received a message from a man who was threatening to shoot drones out of the sky. While that in itself was troubling… the man’s explanation was even more so.

You see the drones were flying over his house and scanning him with infrared rays. He was wrapping himself in tin foil for protection while sleeping, but would soon run out of supplies.

Well, sure.

Who can blame him for being upset? Everyone knows the anal probe comes after the infrared rays….. and that’s enough to ruin anyone’s day.



The courthouse passed him off to the sheriff… who passed him off to the State Police… who passed him off to the husband’s office…. and now my other half has to deal with him.

Quarantine fever.

It’s driving them out of the woodwork.




27 thoughts on “Quarantine fever?”

      1. I’m more worried about the tv. Luckily, I seldom stay in the same room – when it’s on.
        Not so much with my “nearly everything” mobile device. That is almost always with me, AND it listens extensively.

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  1. Since the guy is such an expert in protection gear, your hubby should pass him off to the Trump administration because we know Trump always listens to the experts, and this pandemic is the perfect opportunity for Trump to demonstrate it.


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