It’s snow good.


Ah, spring!

In Maine? We tend to do it differently.



Like last Thursday, when one of our woodchucks came out of hibernation and said wtf?



The deer weren’t too happy either.

And before we knew it, what was supposed to be a light flurry…..



Turned into a full blown storm.



Complete with heavy wet snow weighing down the trees..



And turning everything into a winter wonderland.






It isn’t always green.

36 thoughts on “It’s snow good.”

      1. Ya. No power outages here. My house doesn’t ever seem to lose power. But the wind has been nuts which means the woodstove doesn’t warm the house much over 61*. Last night I had it rockin’ at 64* and it was too hot to sleep. LOL!!! thud

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      2. We rarely lose power either, but parts of our town lost it three times last week. As for heat, the husband and I have completely switched roles and now fight over the thermostat. He puts a portable heater in the office when he works from home and I can’t even go in there without melting.

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