36 thoughts on “He’s baaaaack …..”

  1. I’m not sure that I’m getting all your posts. Or comments. Yesterday WP played with my emotions via commenting. But today I wonder if there was more to it than I realized. Only telling you in case the same thing is happening to you.

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    1. Well that’s disturbing. I think the last comment of yours I saw was the one about the flounder. Since the viral plague I post twice a day, 5:00am and 1:00pm…. because more of me is what everyone needs.


      1. Well that’s why I wanted to let you know. I look for your posts and your comments on my posts as you are one of my regular commenters. When you didn’t appear in my comments or feed, I got worried.

        I see your comments on other bloggers’ posts so I know in some cases you’re getting through. But I’m not always getting all of your posts [or comments?] which is annoying. Anyhow, something to ponder between your daily double post routine. Carry on, my bloggy friend.


      2. I saw and commented on your most recent posts… marital advice and groceries. Weird that you’re not seeing mine. Maybe you should unfollow then refollow me? WP gets buggy every now and then. And damn… I’d hate for you to miss any of my nonsense.

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      3. That’s what was happening with some other bloggers yesterday too. They contacted me to tell me they’d commented but I wasn’t seeing it. I’ll unfollow you then put you into my Feedly account to follow. I like your nonsense, btw. It’s delightfully nonsensical.

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      4. That’s weird because after you said that, I went back to your posts and found my comments. Who knows? I’ve had people land in my spam after years of commenting…. it’s weird.


      5. Honestly I don’t know. I do my best to use the system we have with WP, but it gets wonky from time-to-time. In fact yesterday I got a comment on one of my comments from 2 years ago. So, current? Not so much. 🤨

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      6. No I didn’t. I’ve given up on WP reader feed and am going to use Feedly. I won’t get your posts immediately after you post them like WP supposedly does, but I’ll get them soon enough.

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