Weird products.


They’re everywhere.. including here.

And while I like a nice manicure as much as the next girl?




I don’t think I’m quite ready to share Mr. Ed’s beauty routine.



This next product confuses me.




If my ears are cold….

Why am I sweating? And if I’m sweating….

Why are my ears cold? This makes no sense.

Third on the list –



This bothers me for two reasons.

First, the name. I mean really…. there’s only one thing I think of when I hear the word tinkle, and an eyebrow razor isn’t even close.

Second… why are sharp instruments being packaged in cutsie pastel colors with a cartoon bound to attract children?

Little Susie doesn’t want a teddy bear…. give her something to slash her wrists with instead. It’s pink!




Again with the lazy ass people products.

Because yes, cell phones really are too heavy.

Finally, there’s a product I didn’t even know I needed.




My pillowcase is giving me pimples!

When the hell did that start?


31 thoughts on “Weird products.”

  1. Ever drop your cellphone onto your face? If so, then you might need one of those “holders”.
    My wife has one, hers uses clamps on both ends. She uses it for hands free – or when she needs to use her hands for other tasks.

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    1. I have nerve damage in my shoulder and my hand goes numb at times. But mostly I drop my mobile computing, music, and media device w/built in telephone capabilities when I am falling asleep and I’m engrossed in some viewing/reading activity.


  2. … what price beauty, eh? …
    But I can’t help thinking that simply washing the pillow case might be better than putting some high phenol content bug killer on it would be a better practice.

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  3. It’s good to know that Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream is Professional. If it were an amateur cream, it might only strengthen nails as hard as a horse’s ass. Might not smell too good, either.

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  4. My pillowcase is giving me pimples! When the hell did that start? <- It's a millennial thing. You know. Like the guy that was the son of a cop and was too stupid to figure out a party with 50 people is NOT a good thing? "Well, we're millennials. We didn't understand." WTF??

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