As long as they keep making them…..


Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring seems to be a favorite in the re-created art catalog.

For which I’m glad.




Though this next one does differ quite substantially from the original….




You have to applaud the commitment.





Proof positive your mother was wrong when she said you’d never find a place to wear head to toe green.




Man with vacuum cleaner.

You know women will swoon over this.




Oh. My….

The less said about this the better!

23 thoughts on “As long as they keep making them…..”

  1. The “equestrian tribute” set is fascinating. It’s either a cry for couple’s counseling or an advert in the personals column. (Either way, that tail is rather unfortunate. And the Darth Vader helmet posing as the skull is rather clever.)

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  2. Totally loving these.
    The more everyday household objects involved the better.
    I am wondering about the guy in green….how did he come to have a green outfit like that?
    Is that something you order from a catalogue?

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  3. Love these. I’ll be sad if/when people stop because they have to return to “normal life.” So creative and fun.

    I attended a BBQ last summer where the host was wearing that apron. Almost spit some wine on him when I first saw him/it 🙂

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