Because sometimes products are just…. wrong.


Have you ever seen something for sale and thought, WTH?

I do this quite often and feel it’s my duty to share.

The first strange item is called Q-flex.




And while I agree no one wants knots in their back, you have to admit this just looks…. wrong.

It seems to be 1/3 shepherd’s staff, 1/3 haying scythe, and 1/3 hook from your great grandfather’s old vaudeville act. Anyway you look at?


Next up? A tongue cleaner.




Holy crap! If your is turning brown and you can scrape that much disgusting residue from it’s surface?

Bad breath might not be the only malady you’re suffering.

A posture remedy is next in line.



Admit it, posture realignment wasn’t the first thing you thought of when you saw this was it?

So wrong.

This next item simply boggles my mind.


The magic of a corner piece? What kind of freak would buy this!

Everyone knows all the fudgy goodness is found in the middle.

Epically wrong.

And finally,  there’s a product that you’ve no doubt seen before.



This requires no explanation, and while I can’t personally attest to its wrongness…. I did find one of it’s reviews more than a little amusing.



Clearly this poor fellow had an issue.

Because when Taco Bell doesn’t end in the appropriate volcanic eruption? You know you need help.




Have Squatty, Will Travel.

Go west young man, and poop in peace.

37 thoughts on “Because sometimes products are just…. wrong.”

      1. Graham cracker butter crust on bottom. Cover the top with chocolate chips, nuts and coconut. Cover the entire mess with sweetened condensed milk and bake.

        A lot better than it sounds…

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  1. Reverend Hornibastard sent me a video probably 8 or 9 years ago from YouTube about Squatty Potty. There was a unicorn and a squire and and it was hilarious….

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      1. LOL….a good friend from Texas. Hilarious writer. Some of the FUNNIEST stuff I’ve ever read. A high flalutin’ lawyer……..and I’m glad to have him as a friend. Even if he has a funny name.

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  2. Squatty Potty?
    Sure… I have two in this house.

    The brownie “edge” thingy – don’t have one yet, but it’s been on my “to get” list for a while.

    The seat cushion makes sense – balance and posture go hand n hand

    The tongue cleaner is interesting – you can always just cut your tongue out to solve the need for this.

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  3. Young lady, I have been using a tongue cleaner for over 40 years—only mine is made of plastic–and, so I have been told by many, I have the sweetest, looking and tastiest tongue in the south!!

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