Serves me right for asking.


But ask I did.

I asked the husband to replace the mailbox post that was listing at a 45 degree angle and threatening to fall into the ditch every time the postman made a delivery.

But replace is not a word my husband easily embraces.


He fixed it.



And saw absolutely nothing wrong with his repair.


37 thoughts on “Serves me right for asking.”

      1. It would depend … if I had priorities like buying a new tool or something, I might be OK with a temporary repair and get around to a real fix later. It isn’t like it was totally on the ground …

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  1. Especially since he has a barn full of (well I was going to type S&%T but I would blush) stuff that he could have made a new mailbox that would have made the postman smile every time he made a delivery!!

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  2. Having seen how hard he’s working on the baby barn I expected something bigger, like bricks. I expected a big project that would be a break from the baby barn.


  3. Do you know how many 2X4’s like that held things together in the house I grew up in? My Dad was a pro at that kind of repair. Though in his defense, duct tape wasn’t in vogue at the time, or he’d have definitely used that instead. Surely there’s a roll somewhere in one of the barns…

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  4. Like one of my early mentors used to say, “Any job worth doing, is worth doing half-assed.”

    Shortly thereafter, I had to let him go. Good mentors are very hard to find, but that’s no reason to keep a bad one around.

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