Because they’re odd.


I love odd, in case you haven’t been paying attention.

And on my normal route to the grocery store?

I pass this:




A bit personal as questions go, but delightfully odd.

And as my grocery store has been running low on sugar lately…






I’m fervently hoping they’re not talking about showers…. but anything that’s less processed usually gets my vote.

And adding to the growing list of  FFS, the panic buyers are still at it  substitute products I have to buy now?





I must confess, I’m a trifle afraid of the Cousin Willie brand.

The more I stare, the more that ear of corn on the top right starts to look menacing… but I’ll be brave and soldier on.

At least it’s not as terrifying as this red pepper.




I agree.

Chocolate is always the safer bet.



12 thoughts on “Because they’re odd.”

  1. What gets me is “and other natural flavors” on the butter package.

    I don’t mind “golden” sugar either.
    Less processed means “not white”
    Cane sugar is not naturally white.

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  2. Given that natural flavors can be anything that occurs in nature – like those bug parts you were talking about a week ago – you might have reason to worry. Still, it’s better than the bunch-of-chemicals-we-mixed-up-that-look-like-butter, I mean margarine.

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