Products worth a second look.




Does anyone need a banana phone?


But buy one and save a gorilla just the same.




A must for Star Wars fanatics.

Yes James,  I’m talking to you.





On a stick.

Need I say more?



I’m not sure my bar game could possibly be more up, but bottles of gin are definitely my favorite DIY.



While I take umbrage at the horrible people designation (I’ve always thought of myself as just slightly awful) this is one seriously  bawdy, provocative, risqué  fun party game.

Does it surprise you to know I have all 6 expansion packs?



It shouldn’t.

So if you like  raunchy, crude, earthy  blue humor?

Give it a try.

28 thoughts on “Products worth a second look.”

  1. Obviously I need the chopsticks but I’d happily own all of those. The banana phone looks like a ‘must have’ product too!

    On a separate note – I only came across this post because you linked me – it didn’t appear in my reader. I had the same issue with my posts in 2016 and suddenly it seemed like no-one was reading anything I wrote, but it was because they couldn’t see it. WordPress eventually sorted it out for me but I had to contact them to let them know.

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      1. It’s ok, you’re back in the reader now. I’m a lazy follower so even with the best of intentions I can’t be relied upon if posts aren’t presented to me in an easily accessible list.

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  2. So wait a minute…. if we’re taking bananas away from gorillas to make phones out of them, just how are we saving them? Now they’ll have to eat chocolate bars and get obesity and diabetes…

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  3. I’m a casual Star Wars fan at best, but holy shit, I want those light saber chopsticks. They would really elevate my sushi game!

    Also, did you hear they’re coming out with a family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity?

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  4. I’ve played that card game…….when I was a bit inebriated, okay a lot inebriated and the people I played with didn’t like me because I was a bit, how should I say, belligerent about the game, and then I won.

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  5. Some questionable products there definitely, but I love reading about topics like this. Thanks! Also, when my son was very young and he had some music by Raffi, I listened to a song about a Banana Phone quite a lot, so that is all I could think of when I started reading this.

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