Something for everyone.


Can’t find a mask to suit your personality?

I think I can help with that.

For all my wonderful women friends?



For all my slightly wine addicted friends?



For Star Wars fans like  James.



Do you love horses… or just want to look like one?

I’ve got your back.



There are even masks for those who need to read lips.



And of course, there are masks made just for me..



And because I shamefully admit there are multiple tie dye items in my closet….


This one is calling my name.



I should probably wear one of those when assisting my husband with outdoor projects.

Dr. Seuss has a say…



And finally,  if you’re just sick and tired of everyone?


31 thoughts on “Something for everyone.”

  1. Since I am all about ways to help my fellow human beings, this post suggests to me a mask for the homeless with the words STICK ‘EM UP. The all they need do for a place to stay is walk into a bank with that mask on, and their worries are over.

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  2. I was quite content with my boring mask and was feeling a kind of misplaced moral superiority towards anyone wearing a novelty mask but now I know there’s a novelty Darth Vader mask I will have to buy it.

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  3. I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Masks have become the new must have accessories. I want a LV mask, please. I’m willing to pay like $9.99. Anyway, thanks for the fashion show, you did not disappoint! Mona

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