Because I was tired of waiting.


Ever since we installed the new deck railings we’ve needed to re-stain the deck. And by we, I mean me… because while he’ll constantly remark it needs to be done? The husband never does it. Not once in 18 years.



Problem is, we needed to buy a new pressure washer to clean the siding and I didn’t want to stain until that happened.

So I waited. And waited….. and waited some more.

( Never nagging. No. Not me.)



But after the husband saw the prices of a new Honda pressure washer?

I feel confident saying it’s not happening anytime soon.

So I moved things to the lawn, grabbed my brush and went to work.



Many  holy hell why is it surface of the sun  hot hours later…



I was done.



And pretty pleased with the results.



Dirty siding aside, it looks nice.



Clean, fresh and ready for the red squirrel family’s onslaught of poo.



Next morning fog shot just because.

30 thoughts on “Because I was tired of waiting.”

      1. Not private. Gone. Figured out how to delete that crap. I’m done. Either I give in to this stupidity of the new editor or find a new site. SICK of moving so I think I’ll end up posting less because of this stupidity.

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  1. River, your a woman of many talents! When I was married, many moons ago my ex-hubs wold comment about how things needed to get done. Yet never did them, so I too one day got to working on the siding of our then house. By that I mean painting it, and I was 4 months preggers with my youngest. My father in law stopped by, saw what I was doing, got mad, went to go get his son (who was working on his race car) and dragged him over to paint. All the while lecturing him on being a man and such. I sat there in my lounge chair watching my husband and his dad paint our house. He glared at me every time he’d turn around, and I just raised my glass of ice water and say….”I knew I’d get you to paint the house somehow”…….and shoot him the bird. Lol

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    1. Ha! I tried a version of that years ago. The garage was in dire need of painting and the husband wouldn’t go near it. One hot summer day when my late mother was visiting, I grabbed a brush and set to work with her watching me. The husband came out in regular intervals to check my progress and when my mother pointedly asked why he wasn’t helping… he said he saw no point in painting something he was going to put vinyl siding on.
      Note – he did put vinyl siding on it, but that was 13 years later and I hate to paint it 3 more times.

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  2. I always thought a poop deck was on a ship, but apparently squirrels have other ideas. Probably the only way to change their opinion would be to but your deck on rollers and make them seasick. Good luck.

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