Random wildlife shots.


Because it’s time to clear out the photo files again.




Momma chuck has been packing on the pounds with an eye toward winter..




But it doesn’t stop her from scrambling up and over the rock wall quicker than I can move my shutter finger.




I have a feeling at least one of her two remaining offspring will be sticking around when the snow flies.




I keep catching him rooting around under the daylilies, filling his mouth with dead leaves and making off for parts unknown with nesting material.




Last year’s fawn comes every night, and since his new antlers are decidedly unbranched, I’ve taken to calling him the antenna buck. Because I’m old… and remember when you had to wiggle those things every afternoon to watch Dark Shadows.




Though these next two pics were at the outermost limit of my zoom, I’m including them because we rarely see momma turkey and her young.




She raises them in the woods and neighboring meadows, never crossing our large expanse of open lawn.




And finally, a few Bambi shots.




Because they’re so damned sweet, I can’t help it.



13 thoughts on “Random wildlife shots.”

  1. I called a yearling buck “My favorite martian” once. I see his winter coat is coming in already. I think we will see that happen here on Long Island soon. The woodchucks are adorable….we had a skunk pass through last week when the smell woke us up wafting through our second story window. Thankfully the odor was gone by morning.

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    1. We’ve had a few cool nights and such a dry summer it already feels like fall. We also have nightly skunk visitors, though they usually come too late for pictures. So far the family is getting along, when they don’t? We all pay the stinky price.


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