The circle of life.


As you already know, my husband is the king of free. He can’t pass up anything, no matter how useless…. as long as he doesn’t have to pay for it.



This has driven me nuts for years and I have never, ever! felt the need to join him in his obsession.

Until last week.

When I saw this on our local Facebook page:



Pre-Covid our plan was to replace all the flooring in our home. (Post Covid? Holy crap, I don’t want strange people in my house!) Along with that plan would have come long overdue new furniture, to include coffee tables. So since the plan went out the window with the plague, I thought why not? This looks good… and it might be a nice interim fix.

I should have known.

When the husband lifted it out of the truck? It jiggled…. and never even made it into the house. What an utter piece of junk! Fake wood, loose glass and legs so unsteady dropping a napkin on it would probably cause it to collapse.



Out it went, in front of our house.

How bad was it?

The damn thing was there for a week and though lots of people looked, no one wanted it.

Next stop?



The recycle center.

Where I left it…. and my desire to ever pick up anything marked free again.


21 thoughts on “The circle of life.”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if your husband hasn’t had several similar experiences where he picks up something just because it’s free and realizes even he doesn’t want it. It’s all part of the junk collecting game.
    Whose way is better is something I’ll leave to you.

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