Sad backyard news.


I knew it would probably happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier to take.



Our little blue eyed Bambi is all alone now.



We haven’t seen his mother, the old always pregnant doe, for weeks. She was nearly skeletal the last time she visited and I think her poor old body just had enough.



I’m glad she taught the little guy this was a safe place for his daily nosh. I just hope he can hook up with the rest of the herd before the full brunt of winter sets in. There’s safety in numbers when you’re a little fella.


26 thoughts on “Sad backyard news.”

  1. Oh, how sad. I know you were attached to her, and through you, many of us also became attached.

    With all the wisdom she acquired over her long lifetime and passed on to her offspring – evidenced in part by showing them where you live – I have a feeling you’ll get to watch this little guy growing and visiting for years to come, eventually introducing his own progeny to you.

    And so it goes. ❤

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