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The beautiful stray cat we fell in love with and gave a home?



Has been returned to his rightful owners.



I think you can guess that wasn’t my choice…. but when you receive a call from the local police department, there really isn’t any way to avoid it.

Apparently his people had been frantically searching for him but aren’t active on social media and didn’t see my original posts about finding him. A friend of theirs alerted a lost animal site…



And there really was no doubt.



After the police gave me their phone number, I found this on my FB messenger.






They live right up the road from us.

The guilt was strong, because I really wanted to keep him.



But look, he has a twin brother.



Double damn. There were worried children.

I had to call.

So I called.

They came, they thanked us profusely, they took their beautiful kitty, and yes…. I cried.

Now the house seems emptier than ever.


Sad backyard news.


I knew it would probably happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier to take.



Our little blue eyed Bambi is all alone now.



We haven’t seen his mother, the old always pregnant doe, for weeks. She was nearly skeletal the last time she visited and I think her poor old body just had enough.



I’m glad she taught the little guy this was a safe place for his daily nosh. I just hope he can hook up with the rest of the herd before the full brunt of winter sets in. There’s safety in numbers when you’re a little fella.


Because sometimes favors can make you cry.


My SIL called a month or so ago and said she was redecorating a room in her house. Living in Texas makes her homesick, so she asked if I could make copies of some of my father’s Maine paintings and mail them to her.

My late father was the Vice President of a Wall Street brokerage firm who relaxed as a weekend artist. He loved nothing more than sharing his work…. so I happily agreed.

Sadly, my father died a year after he retired and only had a short period of time to paint when we moved from New Jersey to Maine. We were very close, but that particular year was hard for me. It was transitional…. and moving to a rural Island where the only way off was by boat was a huge culture shock for a 15 year old city girl. I was knee deep in silly teenage angst and didn’t spend nearly enough time with him.

Something I will always regret.

So when I started pulling paintings?






IMG_2719 (2)


I was a wreck.


IMG_2715 (2)






My father died  41 years ago….




Img_3988 (500x375)


Img_3994 (375x500)


But I cried like it was yesterday.









Sometimes it never lets go…..




For those who are Thrones bereft.


Game of Thrones is over…




And whether you loved the ending or not…

You have to admit, it was one helluva ride.




But if you’re feeling sad…

Because Sunday nights no longer have a purpose?

Maybe this will help…




A dragon lamp with different color “flames”.

For those times you really want to yell Dracarys.





Yes, they exist.




And the description is blog worthy in and of itself.




Well, I do love lots of Game of Thrones.

And I wouldn’t mind making a dragon gift to my friends.

But the fact that it’s made of high quality plastic? With good detailization?

Plus! Plus!


And face it, now that season 8 is finished….

It’s as close to dragons as any of us are going to get.