17 thoughts on “News you can use.”

  1. Even if it’s not effective against the virus per se’, I am of the opinion that the anger could be mitigated to some extent by a fat chronic blunt, administered as needed (Or when Beavis and Butthead is on).

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  2. I use non-THC CBD marijuana oils for all kinds of things. I have never had Covid. Is it correlation, or just coincidence, or because I do my best to take care of myself? I am not stopping taking care of myself to find out.

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      1. I would recommend it greatly. But, I have only tried one brand that works for me. It is called Mari-Mend, and is made in Nova Scotia, by Stephen Health, Inc.
        Over the years I have discovered one thing: When it comes to marijuana, nothing works for everyone, and even then, and some brands work on different things for differ people while not working on other things that work for others. It is almost like you have to find “your brand”! And then again, for some people, all brands work. It is a crazy affair, but just because one brand does not work for you does not mean no brand will work.
        One other thing: It seems to help if you have used marijuana at some point in your life, and you got high on it. Some who did not feel any effect from marijuana can find CBD oils a struggle to find one that works. Our personal genetics seem to play a part.


  3. My younger son smokes from the time he wakes until he falls asleep…he, I believe is amongst a small group supporting the cannabis “industry” He got the virus…lost his sense of taste and smell…said all his favorite blends were disgusting…though it didn’t stop him from partaking…it just slowed him down for a few days 🙂

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