Let’s play.


Because we can all use a little levity.



Living in the country probably gives me the advantage here, but you never know… some of you have backyard alligators and I can’t top that.

My list of chasers;

A chicken. Don’t laugh, they’re quick and vengeful little buggers.

A billy goat. I barely escaped with my posterior intact… although now that I think of it, a little less of that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

A skunk. Thankfully they don’t have very good eyesight … I lost him behind a shrub.

A mockingbird. Never underestimate the ferocity of this bird. He used to dive bomb our poor cat on a daily basis.

A snapping turtle. Granted I didn’t have to run very fast with this one, but those jaws can snap your finger like a twig.

A bat. Was he actually chasing me? I don’t know, but he was trapped in our house and I didn’t take the time to find out.

And finally, an elk who chased me around our car. I was photographing a herd in the Smoky Mountain National Park from a far off, safe distance when a lone female came up from behind and let her displeasure be known.



I don’t recommend that experience.


So how about it? Who’s been chasing you….


31 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. My memory is faulty at best, but I cannot think of ever having been chased by an animal, unless uou count a woman or two. Nature and I get along very well. The reason I got bit by an Boxer dog was because I tried to stop a fight with a large black lab wh8o would have killed it. Mission accomplished, but my wrist got caught in the Boxer’s mouth because i sorta put it there.
    But I think I already told you about the time my best friend and I chased the skunk at the beach as little tykes, and survived to tell the tale. Otherwise my mind is blank of animal chase scenes. All animals nayurally love me, or steer clear of me.

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  2. A wild boar…..she was my home economics teacher and I our ran her because I was on the track team.

    An angry bull, my friends and I were cutting across a field and before we knew it we were being chased by an angry 800 lb bull. We made it to the other side of the fences by the skin of our teeth.

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  3. Well, a herd of goats chased my brother and I. As long as we faced them, they stayed still… the second we turned around, we could hear their hooves.

    A filly chased and almost got me with a kick. It was nothing personal.

    Been chased by bulls, snakes, pigs…

    Come to think of it, I’ve spent a lot of time retreating…

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  4. I wasn’t exactly chased by an animal, but there was a certain cow who bugged the Hell out of me when I was working on a topographic survey. It’s amazing how stealthy they are. She would sneak up on me if I wasn’t careful and bump me into the transit. It was hot and loaded with bugs (cow pasture) and I would have loved to run her off with a stick, but farmers have issues with that kind of thing. There it is, sorry it wasn’t more exciting. Thanks for posting this, I like playing.

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  5. One of my grandma’s geese chased me home from the schoobus stop every day. The adults thought it funny and didn’t do anything about it. That goose disappeared without a trace …

    A killer whale in Alaska … I was with an Eskimo guide out on the ice when he took off running. I sort of trotted along behind him, then heard the ice crack behind me. The whale was about a third out of the water on the ice. I tripled my speed and passed my guide.

    I asked him why he didn’t say anything. His reply was “I forgot how to say whale in English” …

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  6. Dogs for sure – more than once. But only one non-dog. One day the husband came home from a run and said that, while taking a tiny detour on a path near the lake, a bird had attacked him. I didn’t believe him – I thought he was joking or at least exaggerating. But the next time I went for a run I took that detour and was almost back to the normal path when BAM! a starling attacked my head! Beaks hurt!

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  7. You’ve been chased by a wonderful variety of nature! I can’t top any of that…the only thing I can recall being chased by is a Mocking Bird. And that has happened more times than I care for. They are SCARY when a nest is near.

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  8. In Germany: A wild, tusked, HUGE boar…so big, that shooting it with an M-16 did not even knock it down. I scrambled up an M-1 Abrams tank and waited for him to get tired and leave. Took about 20 minutes.

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  9. A grizzly bear. I was out hiking in Montana one time and stumbled upon a litter of bear cubs. How cute, I thought…until mama bear came crashing through the underbrush. Took a swat at my leg, but luckily, I found a tree to scoot up. She eventually wandered off, so about twenty minutes later, I inched my way down. Two minutes later, I round a bend in the trail, and there she is. Waiting for me. She let out a roar so loud it sounded like thunder. I turned around and sprinted back to that tree, the bear nipping at my heels the entire time. Finally, a group of hikers came by, and the noise they made scared her off for good.

    All of this is total bullshit, of course. My real answer is, a goose. But where’s the fun in that?

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    1. Ha! You had me at the very beginning.. until you scooted up the tree. I couldn’t really picture you out scooting a grizzly.
      Geese though, ate very territorial. Jack Daniels distillery uses them as watch dogs.

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    2. Ha! Anyway, an Army Ranger once told me that if we were performing an exercise that involved Bear territory, to pack a 40 ounce jar of peanut butter. If a Bear approaches, remove the lid and throw it at him. He cannot resist. He will entertain himself with that jar until it is factory clean. He could care less about you at that point.


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