12 thoughts on “Crazy like a fox”

  1. I thought I should let you know. Our red squirrel has actually found a home right beside our bird feeder, but the only thing he/she/they? are destroying is our ability to BBQ. When I opened our grill last night, the first thing that happened was a ton of nuts fell to the deck. Then I noticed the grill was 3/4 full of dried grass, like a wonderfully warm nest. Next, my eyes caught 2 movements, quick and scrambly towards the back of the nest. All I saw were the tips of 2 tails before I shut the lid as quickly as I could. We thought there was only one squirrel visiting our feeder, and we thought he lived under the shed next door. Apparent “they” have moved in. I didn’t have time to look, but I am betting there are babies…
    Gotta go now. It is almost Post Time for our baby to start her 2nd race. Cannot miss that!

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