20 thoughts on “I hope he wasn’t being paid by the pound.”

  1. There’s a paper mill not far from here (Pee-YOO!) so we see the occasional chip dispenser. They’re building a lot of houses down at the end of my road (Yay.) so they’re cutting a lot of big oak and maple trees. Getting behind one of those bad boys always gives me that “Final Destination” feeling. So special.

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  2. In Canada, or at least in Alberta, such a truck has to be covered. Usually they just blow the chips into a trailer and hook two trailers behind a cab.
    We have two mills in town, one for pellets and one for chipboard.

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  3. We have a quarry down the road from us (irony – it’s located on Quarry Road) and there are trucks going in and out of there all the time. The local authorities frown upon them not being totally tied down, and are thankfully aggressive in pulling those drivers over where loads are not secure. We give the windshield repair folks enough business just from cars whizzing by our state and interstate roads, we don’t need the quarry to also add to that carnage.

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