Let’s play.


It won’t strain your brain, I promise.



I love how’s there’s nothing unequivocal here. When, not if. Yay for me.

What will I never stop eating?

I won’t say burgers…. because there will always be wagyu beef.

I won’t say pizza… because there will always be artisanal pies with truffles.

So I’ll go with one of my guilty, rarely admitted pleasures.



I confess, I’m all about the San Francisco treat. When the husband is away or eating elsewhere? I’ve been known to simmer up a package and eat the whole thing in one sitting.

But I do add freshly steamed broccoli, I’m not a heathen.

How about you… What aren’t you giving up after your bank account expands?


51 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. Oh I LOVE Rice a Roni Cheddar Broccoli too! I knew there was a reason we were blogger buddies, that and our love of alcohol, lol. For me, same I’ll still be eating burgers and ribs. As well as occasional T-Bone steak. Oh and Hershey’s kisses, I wouldn’t stop those even if I was a Gozillionaire!

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  2. This was a fun one, but it’s tough to choose just one:

    Peanut Butter
    Grilled Cheese
    Mac & Cheese

    What I would do differently as a Billionaire is hire a chef to cook for me when I’m not in the mood.

    Fresh croissants for breakfast? Mais oui!

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