I shouldn’t be surprised.


We’ve become a society with no limits. And while I don’t pretend to be a prude, I still believe there’s such a thing as common decency… in action and speech.

I’m a democrat who dislikes Donald Trump, but I wouldn’t install a “F*ck Trump” sign on my lawn like the family down the road who have a giant “F*ck Biden” poster prominently displayed on their garage.

Decency. It’s definitely in short supply.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now. Heck, after a years worth of that Cosmopolitan smut nothing should surprise me… but the ads I saw for apparel the other day did.






I honestly can’t think of a worse Christmas gift.



As someone who always needs a cocktail, I find myself more than a little offended.

Sarcastic, slightly off color, double entendre humor? Big fan.

Rude and crude, put it all out there without nuance, shock value humor? Not so much.


30 thoughts on “I shouldn’t be surprised.”

  1. Vulgarity is what all of this is, I don’t mind a witty sense of humor, hell even a dirty joke or two, but this is what the current generation is made of. Vulgar, think your right, unfiltered smut that they think is funny. No decorum, no sophistication, no morals……NOTHING.

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  2. I totally agree with you; although, we are on opposite sides politically. Remember the saying, “Not My President?”. While I don’t like Biden, as an American Citizen, I would never say he is “Not My President.” because he is.

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  3. In my old neighborhood in Rapid City, there was a house flying a F*ck Biden flag. God, that pissed me off, because there are little kids in the neighborhood who do not need to be exposed to that shit. I’d say the same thing about a F*ck Trump flag (though I’d certainly agree with THAT sentiment). Crap like that only intensifies the political divide. I’m all about coming together.

    So to speak.

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  4. I’m the same as you, I have colorful language, and I might say a few of these things to a dear friend (you know the kind), but I’d never advertise it outside of my home.
    Rude and gross.

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