Have you ever felt like you were being stalked?


According to my stats I’m on a path to having the highest monthly views since I got here four years ago.



Granted I’ve been blogging about fascinating topics in January like the junk in our basement, crab balls and masturbating walruses… but still. The spike in readers seems a bit extreme.

And because I was curious which posts were popular, I checked.



Turns out they all were.

But only once.



I’m sure it’s just spammers, but most of the views are from the U.S., not India or Pakistan…. so it makes me wonder which one of you could be stalking my blog and searching my archives for pearls of wisdom like ‘Of Slime and Flies’?

Fess up. There’s no shame in the admission, we all need a hobby.



33 thoughts on “Have you ever felt like you were being stalked?”

  1. That happened to me last November and indeed I was being stalked – by a family member I haven’t spoken to in over 40 years. He periodically finds me on the internet and I have to change my on-line identity and blog urls…It’s a pain. I think he read through my entire blog archive and was only able to leave 2 nasty comments because I have comments shut off after 14 days…Good thing I don’t post all that often LOL

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