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An adventure with weed.


Lord Dudley Mountcatten is sweet…. but his less than sweet claws are doing a number on our rugs and furniture so I purchased yet another scratching post for the furry little peckerwood him.



It’s part carpet.. since he pulls the loops out of our Berber on a daily basis.. and part sisal. What cat wouldn’t want to scratch that?

Turns out… our cat. Because his Royal Highness wouldn’t touch it. Walked right by it without so much as a glance. Which meant it was time to bring in the big guns.



Yes, I hosed that thing down with Meowijuana.


Righteous chronic dude.


And while it definitely attracted him.. all he did was rub it until it fell over.



He hugged it.



He sat on it.



He draped himself all over it. What the loopy bastard wouldn’t do was scratch it.


One very happy tatter.


15 minutes later? You be the judge.



I’m going with stoned.

P.S. …. apologies for the silly voice overs. I tell myself not to do that, and then do it every time.


Things I like today… chapter 2.




A Maine woman is experimenting with weed to dull a lobster’s pain as he’s plunged into that boiling pot of water.




There are worse ways to die than high.




The article in case you want to read it:

Baked Lobster

I like.




A local homemade R2D2 warning drivers to slow down.




And this one reads in his spare time. Who knew?

I like.




Rhododendron season.




For a burst of pure color it’s hard to beat.




I like.

The bees like…




It’s all good.




And finally…




The dollar bill I received in change….

Complete with instructions on how not to spend it.




I like.

Yes, this is really happening.



Not much makes me do a double take these days. In case you haven’t noticed?

People be crazy.

But this local story was worth a second look.

Giving new meaning to the term baked lobster.

Yes, there is a woman in Maine who owns a restaurant.

Yes, she serves lobster.

And yes, she has decided to get them high before cooking them to alleviate their pain.




You can now request your lobster to be sedated with pot before he goes in the…. well,





I’m told the cooked lobster tastes better after the smoking, but then again…. doesn’t everything?



So in closing, may I just say….

#1.   It’s official, I’ve now seen everything.

And #2.  Speaking from the vast experience of an extremely misspent youth, there is no amount of weed, no matter how potent… that will lessen the effect of being thrown into a vat of boiling water.

(And if you can prove me wrong on that one, please PM me immediately.)