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The internet is a funny old thing….


I had to laugh yesterday when I checked my stat page and saw that something called The Cape Cod Daily News was listed as a referrer.

Since we just got back from a trip to the Cape,  (and yes, we tend to be talkers and meet a lot of people)  I was wondering which one had found me.

Not to mention how.

Because while I am a girl, it may surprise you to learn that my real name is not actually River.




Shocking, I know.

And it’s not like I start conversations with strange people by saying, “You really should check out my blog at WordPress. There’s plenty of woodchuck drivel for everyone.”

So I perused the Cape Cod Daily News site and found this:






I had tagged Cape Cod, so they included my post.

this post

Now I can only imagine the reaction of the poor native Cape Codders who clicked on it and found me channeling Khaled. That couldn’t have been pleasant.

And while I won’t tag Cape Cod this time… because let’s face it, I’m basically making fun of what they consider news…. the coastal cities residents are going to rue the day when Cape Cod Daily puts that action to work when I start my latest vacation series photo blitz.

There’s bound to be rocks.

Won’t they be thrilled?