Newbie question.


So the fact that WordPress thinks I’m trash and my comments need to be thrown into the Spam folder den of iniquity got me thinking….



How do they determine what’s Spam? Do they filter through key words or volume of traffic like some blogging version of the NSA?




And why do I have numerous followers who clearly want nothing to do with me other than to hawk their direct marketing schemes? I understand people make money on their pages here, and that’s great. But if someone like bombs 18 of my posts in 18 seconds just to get me to check out their business site…

What’s up with that?



I’ve never been one of those people who determines their worth by how many followers, friends or contacts are on their list. My ego isn’t that fragile, and I guess I was wondering if y’all keep those type of bloggers…. or remove them from your followers list?

Because I already get enough phone calls from Rachel at Card Holder Services in real life, I don’t need it here.




28 thoughts on “Newbie question.”

  1. I don’t remove followers because it’s not necessary ~> those “dive bombers” tend to disappear on their own when I don’t approve their comments for posting. They see they aren’t getting any traction on my site because their comments are not viewed by anyone.

    Akismet uses algorithms to decide who lands in spam. But there is a margin for error. Occasionally a spam comment gets past the automatic filters and . . . as has happened to you and me and others . . . we occasionally gets tossed into the spammer slammer. In 8 years, it’s only happened twice with me and once or twice (that I know of) with others.

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      1. To clarify, when I said it happened once or twice ~ I didn’t mean one or two comments. ALL my comments on ALL blogs got tossed into the Spammer Slammer. I contacted the Help Desk on WP and they sorted things out from their end.

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  2. The one’s I can’t figure out are the “real blogs” that follow you one day, but are gone the next. Being only a month old blog, I still have a low enough follower count that its very apparent.


  3. WAIT!!!! You make money here?!?!?!?

    “if y’all keep those type of bloggers…. or remove them from your followers list?” Where is the followers list??? Never looked for or at it! I do get HUGE notifications of people liking and following me but unless they comment on my post I ignore them!
    I have so many fans I have to limit how much of my precious time I spend with them!! LOL


    1. Me? Make money here? Of course not. Heck, I should pay all of you to read my nonsense.
      As for your followers…. click My Site on the left hand side of your reader page, then Stats. Then Followers on the upper right. Viola. A list of those who love you… or want you to buy something.


  4. *shrugs* I don’t ditch any followers unless there’s a problem. I’ve only had to block two people in 10 months. But, I honestly don’t know much about my followers aside from maybe 10 of them. I hope that changes! I love interacting with folks!

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  5. I have yet to receive an ‘ad’ or such. They have to be a follower to comment and if they do manage to get thru? I don’t approve and delete them.

    Now I’m hungry for a fried Spam sammich. You know that stuff is made about 90 minutes west of me. They have a museum with tours and everything!!

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    1. No, I don’t get ads either. Just followers who I’ve never heard of…. and when I check out their page it’s a business, sometimes in another language. It’s just odd.
      And hey, we went to the baked bean museum in Tennessee remember? Spam history would be right up our weirdo alley.

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