Man eating squirrels and elk poo.

Next stop at the Grand Canyon was Powell Point, where we were greeted by a miniature snowman…


And a terrifying sign.


Most dangerous creature in the canyon?


Who knew…


Powell Point is like a small park.


With spectacular views.


Which apparently the elk like as well….


As evidenced by their footprints…


And their…


Well, just watch where you walk.


Powell Point is aptly named as it juts out into the canyon like a point.

And even there…


The husband couldn’t escape the machines that plague his every waking hour at work.


Don’t tempt him Heston.

Really…. don’t.

22 thoughts on “Man eating squirrels and elk poo.”

  1. I am frightened at the thought of aggressive squirrels. I am quite friendly with my neighborhood squirrels. Thanks to my dog, I am often their gravedigger and funeral director as well. I feel like there could be a B movie in there, all those aggressive squirrels would know I harbor this vicious beast and I would be eaten, not a single elk to save me from the terror. Tsk.
    What if drones are the natural predators to man-eating squirrels? Hm???

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  2. Squirrels are nasty, and vindictive. Just ask Puppy Cody, who keeps trying to catch one so she can eat it. Those squirrels just keep on teasing her.
    PS – I’d be afraid to walk along that Powell Point path in the winter. I’d most likely slide off one side or the other, and probably right into a bunch of nasty human-eating squirrels.

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  3. All rodents can carry anything. Usually starts out with fleas and ticks that live on them, bite them, and infect them. Thank you for not feeding the WILD life.

    beautiful views….


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