Frozen fog and more man eating squirrels.

Is it strange that one of my favorite parts of the Grand Canyon was the section where we couldn’t see a damn thing?

Our last stop was the Desert Watchtower, and by the time we got there at the end of the day….

IMG_3386 (2)

Everything was touched by frozen fog.


It was like walking into a sub zero fairyland.





And utterly enchanting.


But also cold AF.


Inside as well as out.


Seriously, you could see your breath in there.



Large fireplace…


How about filling it with those overpriced books you’re trying to sell in the gift shop and lighting those babies up?

Tourists be shivering!


As you can see, we couldn’t see.


The canyon is right there, outside the windows… but you’d never know it.


And thank you once again government shutdown for interfering with our vacation, we couldn’t even climb to the top.


While the husband went outside to document some info on a plane crash…


I found a reflectoscope….


And more psychotic squirrel warnings.


Leaving the tower…


We walked back through the frozen fog…


And marveled.


At all the sugar coated flora..


Still freezing…


But glad to have experienced it.


27 thoughts on “Frozen fog and more man eating squirrels.”

  1. I don’t know if squirrels are actually the biggest danger at the Grand Canyon. One of the clickbaity articles that pops up on my computer’s homepage yesterday announced that the Grand Canyon visitor’s center has been poisoning tourists with radiation for years… and of course, I immediately thought of your trip. I guess it’s a good thing that was shut down while you were there… otherwise you might have come back with four arms (and given the squirrels more parts to bite)…

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    1. I read that too! Apparently it was something in the museum leaking radiation at small doses, they’ve since removed it. Good thing it was closed when we were there, I have a hard enough time keeping my manicure up with 2 hands no less 4.

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  2. Huh. That’s what it looks like outside my kitchen window the entire month of February. Except when it’s snowing or raining or both (this year it’s been a lot of both at the same time).
    Hmmm, perhaps I should say the Fed Government has shut down my kitchen this week. Dinner out, anyone? 🙂


  3. This squirrel business has me a little freaked out. I’m glad you’re sharing that, cause I did ask for it!
    That’s so pretty. I would be enchanted too. Imagine if you were doing a drive-through, tryina capture one look of the canyon and that’s all you got. Then it would be sad, but since you saw a lot of it, it’s really okay, has its own special memory now.
    Great memes today 🙂

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    1. Thanks. I really did love the frozen fog, it was almost other worldly.
      As for squirrels, the warnings made me chuckle. I mean okay, I get it. Don’t play with wildlife children… but did they have to make them look so bloodthirsty?

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      1. Yeah, they’re intense! The photos do make it clear for people who don’t read everything. Do you know there are people who don’t read everything? Isn’t that strange?

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